The HipHopGamer Show 4/6/08

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "HipHopGamer Show comes to Bitbag TV. Here are the highlights of this weeks episode:

* PS3 VS. 360 European Sales
* Special Guest from Microsoft
* Project Origin
* New PSN Store
* Haze
* Home Preview
* COD4 Played on PS3 more than 360
* Gears 2 vs Resistance 2
* Microsoft punched themselves out of the next gen fight?
* Fantastic Four gameplay video"

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AlterEgo3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

He's pro-PS3,

but he's very mis-informed.

I wonder how truthful the micro-transactions for HOME are.

still the worst3880d ago

he's so funny
360 red ring what a shame

egm_hiphopgamer3880d ago

was up man (alterego) you said i'm misinformed please explain where i was wrong at if i am i'll make sure to correct it on my next show so please let me know ok? but i don't think i'm wrong about anything i said i'm pretty accurate but anyway hit me back aight peace

AlterEgo3879d ago

Most of it was right, and I enjoyed the show homie, but the only part I couldn't agree wit was what you said about the Video/Movie service and 'owning' the movies, and burnin' stuff to DVD's is coming with the April update...and I WISH it was true, but I don't think I heard that nowhere else. (hell..maybe I'm wrong?)

Other than that, it was funny as hell.

egm_hiphopgamer3880d ago

was up still the worst i hope you enjoyed the show man i got tons of shows in my archives if you go to you'll see my shows in the past and now my new shows you'll see them there but mainly go check them out at aight 1luv man peace

pLaystation3880d ago

Props, something different, cool little show.

Theres always going to be haters so its all good.

tweaker3880d ago

It was pretty enjoying. Thanks for the vids! He makes a good points about PSN.

egm_hiphopgamer3879d ago

was up everybody yo check it out go hear aight to see the hiphopgamershows in the past, you can also hear my theme song in the favorites section aight holla back 1luv peace