Diehard GameFan Review: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Diehard GameFan writes: "I felt the need to quote the above because, frankly, it needs to be understood. Final Fantasy VII, while a commercially successful product that has moved almost 10 million copies worldwide (if Wikipedia is to be believed), is not something everyone has played, is not something everyone cares about, and is not something everyone feels they need to experience. Of the ten million-ish PSP owners in the US market, I'd be surprised if half of them have played the original game, and of that half, I'd be surprised if half of THAT was so enamored with the original that they feel the need to run right out and buy a sequel. So, then, what you're left with is a group of 2.5 million people buying a game because they know it's for them and another 7.5 million people wondering if they should invest their hard earned dollars in a game they know nothing about from a franchise they've not experienced, all because a bunch of people who write things like "Cloud Strife is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, rivaling Mario for instant recognition" and pretend that this is even flirting with reality got together and gave the game the literary equivalent of bukkake.

The short answer is "probably not, though renting's not entirely out of the question." For the long answer, keep reading."

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Primetimebt3880d ago

I just want a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS3.

CrazedFiend3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I wouldn't consider myself a FF or even a hardcore RPG fan,(I've only played through a little bit of FF VIII with roommate in college, so the only thing I know of the characters is from what I saw on Advent Children), but I bought the Japanese version of Crisis Core a couple months ago and really enjoyed it.

It's a good PSP game and I'm happy I took the chance and bought it.

I would say whether you buy it or not is up to you, but don't base your decision off of this review. It sounds to me more like the reviewer had some personal problems in the sack the night before reviewing the game (@[email protected])...

Cyrus3653880d ago

Seemed like a bit harsh review for the game.

RecSpec3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I think FFVII is one of the most overrated RPG's ever, but this game is pretty good. In fact, I think this guy is just ticked that this ISN'T PS3 FF7. Actually, I'm pretty sure that is the reason why this game won't do as good as it should.

The FF7 needs a remake crowd is a tricky one, half are people who want to reexperience it. The others have never played it, and don't want to deal with the PS1 graphics.

darthv723880d ago

Nice to see diehard gamefan alive again. Even though it is in name only, I remember the old days of the original magazine as well as the import game company it started out as. The old ads in the issues of EGM showing those really cool japanese games that were coming out for super famicom and megadrive that weren't coming to the US.

The good old days of gaming.

lamerzard3332d ago

Here's some of the more recent events for reference material :D

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