Alan Wake Media "blackout" to end soon

A Super Mod on the Alan forums made an announcement on 4/6/08 that the media blackout of Alan Wake would not be Lasting much longer.

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Breakfast3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Really, really, exited for this game. But, is this enough to be news? There's more writing in my comment than there is on the forum.

@ Below

Id be the happiest person in the world if it came out this year.

sonarus3579d ago

Finally. Someone will finally shed some light on this game. Hopefully it makes it into this yr. Though i doubt it

TheMART3579d ago

Although its not much in length of the statement, the statement itself is pretty exciting!

NO_PUDding3579d ago

Me too. This is the remaining unreleased 360 game that I am really interested in. I am cross it's not coming to PS3, but I will not buy a 360 for one game.

I just like the idea, the gameplay looks a bit slow though. I might just get Alone in the Dark 5.

wow4u3579d ago


The media blackout ending just might mean a release date. And, or more footage and gameplay previews.

If the game wasnt coming out this year, would they be talking to press for more than 8 months?

Working the media with previews and such is timed based on the release.

I'm pretty confident this game is coming this year.

Fallen_Angel3578d ago

Well its rumored th be going out this fall. I think they we'll be seeing a lot on this game after E3. I really hope it makes it out this year

Amanosenpai3578d ago

Anyone that knows a good page that contains all the facts of this game till today... theres a lot of HYPE... and the only thing i know is that is being made by the same studio who made Max Pain. I saw a trailer about a forest... and a road (nothing special)

Thank you.

Richdad3578d ago

Have always stated that they give media blowout just before they are gonna release a game so this definitely comin this year or just at start of 2009 at the most. They showed Max payne video just 2 weeks before release.

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green3579d ago

if this is true, then there is a chance it could make a holiday 08 release.

Skerj3579d ago

Glad Remedy is getting off the 3DRealms train, if for only a little bit.

meepmoopmeep3579d ago

we'll finally get to see what 2 years has done to it. can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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