PlayStation Store DRM Broken

According to French-based site PSP Generation, homebrew developer CipherUpdate has released "NPDecryptor," a utility for decrypting PlayStation Store bought PSP games such as flOw and Beats. Once decrypted, the titles can be played on any PSP running custom firmware, regardless of whether or not the license data is tied to your PSP.

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wow4u3788d ago

Good news for pirates, not good news for Developers.

Darkiewonder3788d ago

it was already possible to play beats on custom firmware. wtf are they talking about?

Spinner3788d ago

No you can't ... it's one of the reasons I bought beats. It was only $5 anyway.

Darkiewonder3788d ago

and a friend of my has custom firmware and i shared the game with him. works perfectly fine. Must be you guys that couldn't get it to work :P

tyrile3788d ago

something he can be very proud of... maybe he can buy a cookie for it

Grassroots3788d ago

I'm not a fan of piracy.... errrr

[email protected]3787d ago

^ Agree. Piracy is bad and evil >_>