Almost Half of HDTV Owners Don't Use HDTV

HD-enabled television sets are all the rage these days, but HD programming itself hasn't yet picked up to the same extent, according to an online survey by ABI Research.

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Darkiewonder3880d ago

I have a few select channels that are in HD Signal. i'm just waiting for 100% HD ;D

BrianC62343880d ago

I find this report hard to believe. I've seen HDTVs without HD and it isn't that good. If you buy an HDTV you might as well get the channels too. Maybe what this report really says is people who buy cheap HDTVs don't get it. Anyone who buys a nice HDTV is going to want the better video.

JsonHenry3880d ago

Yeah, same here. I would use it for HD television, but even though I have Time Warner's HD package I only get about 10-15 actual HD channels.

scoobs3880d ago

I'm waiting for digital to kick in, in 2009. I'm also not interested in paying for a cable box then paying like $20 a month for 20 hd channels. HD programming is a rip-off right now. Plain and simple.

Archaeox3880d ago

Whats wierd is, my two cousins have Samsung HDTV's. On non cable channels like FOX and KCAL9 and abc, the picture on their 1080p TV's is grainy and color is messed up and crappy

Whereas on my 7 year old Panasonic SDTV the picture on these channels is fine

You could even say, TV producers are working with cable providers to give us a helluva price to pay, after spending thousands on overpriced HDTV's

Meus Renaissance3880d ago

It doesn't sound like they're getting HD at all. The grainy description you gave is consistent to how HDTV sets display SD content

tehReaper3880d ago

Yeah. You have to have some sort of HD receiver. If you just hook it up with the regular SD AV cable, the content doesn't look so great.

clevernickname3880d ago

The situation in Canada is even more grim for those that want to receive HDTV signals in that unless you live close to the border and install a roof top antenna (to pick up over-the-air American HD broadcasts) or are willing to subscribe to digital satellite or cable, you are SOL. Broadcasters in Canada will start broadcasting HDTV over-the-air in select markets starting this summer, but I am not holding my breath.

wallace10003879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

I know lots of people with HDTVs and only a few have HDTV because it is pricey. Here in Canada you either have the choice of a few satellite providers or one cable provider. Both services cost about $65 a month but the cable provider will charge you between $450-$650 for the HD box and with satellite you have to have a dish on your house (which probably doesn't bother some people) and you have to rent the HD box (around $10 a month)or if you don't want to rent the box there is another company but there programming starts at $79 a month (with free HD box). If you don't watch huge amounts of tv that is pretty pricey. I buy most of the tv shows i like and rent/buy movies. The main reason i have an HDTV is for gaming and movies.

DRUDOG3880d ago

Programming is really lacking (trust me I've had my plasma since returning to the states in '03 and there wasn't anything back then), but at least there is something.

This info might explain why DirecTV has that completely ridiculous ad with the lady saying she didn't know that she needed HD programming when she bought her HD set...WTF? Could be people are buying these sets with no clue about HD or the programming. Can't tell you how excited I get when I see that Comcast has added some more channels...

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The story is too old to be commented.