Nintendo had 30 Wii Wheel Prototypes

Get some plastic, shape it into a circle, cut out a slot for the Wii Remote, and bam, out comes a Wii Wheel. As it would turn out, Nintendo's driving peripheral that will be integral to Mario Kart Wii required a bit more thought to get just right. Actually, a lot more thought. In Nintendo's most recent "Ask Iwata" developer interview, Wii Wheel lead designer Kenichiro Ashida explains that the device went through around 30 iterations before finalization.

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bloodred_dragon3880d ago

It's good that they spent so much effort into getting it just right, so I'm hoping that many (good) games will be using it, or it would all have been for nothing.

Gam713880d ago


No half-arsed effort there.

mikeslemonade3880d ago

Yea right we all know nintendo just throws plastic in a hot tub and out comes the perfect peripheral that will sell millions in one try.

ElementX3880d ago

No thanks. I refuse to buy plastic handles for my wiimote.

MADub3879d ago

Yeah I'm def not paying for more than one of these things. All the little gimmicky peripherals are draining my bank account enough without having to buy a circle of plastic that i don't need.