'God of War' for PSP is a Must-play Game

The PSP, like big brother PS3, suffers from overkill, packing plenty of graphics horsepower with precious few games to take advantage of it. As time goes on, however, more developers are getting their heads around how to harness the PSP's potential.

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decapitator3481d ago

Pretty much what I would tell anyone that owns a PSP.

sonarus3481d ago

hopefully, same will be said for GOW3 :D

Massacre3481d ago

GOW3 will be awesome. I don't know if you guys saw the recent advertisements that were leaked for PS3, one of them had a striking resemblance to the GOW universe.

Amanosenpai3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

GOW 3 = 2009 game of the year

Wanna bet? Yea, im considering FFXIII, GT5 etc... even Halo 4, GeOW 3 and Mass Effect 3 LOL

TriggerHappy3481d ago

I beat it a while back and loved every moment of it.

decapitator3481d ago

Same here, but I am having a hard ass time on God mode. It's almost impossible. Good fun though.

Massacre3481d ago

Pinelepi...GOW3 will be great in son many ways.

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jkhan3481d ago

Its the best game on PSP. No question about it.

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