Killzone Mercenary Looks Absolutely Stunning On Vita (Direct Feed Footage)

Chris writes: "I got the chance to play a little bit of the upcoming PlayStation Vita shooter Killzone Mercenary today and boy does it look great. I know this is a little outside of our normal coverage area, but I figured since I have a way to capture some Vita footage I might as well share. "

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ShugaCane1822d ago

Can't believe this is on handlheld. It looks absolutely marvelous ! Good job Guerrilla.

xxPillsxx1822d ago

I believe it because it's PS Vita :)

mewhy321821d ago

It looks amazing that it's got one of the most talented studios on the planet working on it. Oh and the PS Vita is an awesome platform.

Aery1821d ago

Not only is stunning, but it's pretty awesome to play.

showtimefolks1821d ago

damn those graphics and gameplay looks solid too

this and teraway IMO are 2 games worth picking up a Vita for

Aceman181821d ago

looks absolutely amazing day one purchase already paid in full, and i'm so glad he mentioned he was playing on lowest setting so we don't get the stupid comments about it.

DarkHeroZX1821d ago

He stabbed a dude in his junk! The melee system is wayyy more brutal

killacal131820d ago

This game will be awesome, first day for me, but believe it or not Call of Duty: Black ops DECLASSIFIED is very fun, try it out.

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CalvinKlein1822d ago

this looks awesome, I will be getting this while I wait for a ps4 to be available.

H4all1822d ago

Gorgeous FPS on vita..
First day for sure!!!

AbortMission1821d ago

Preordered KZ:M already. I honestly can't wait to get a good FPS on the Vita

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The story is too old to be commented.