Xbox One High on Potential, But Lots of Questions Remain at Comic Con 2013 Panel

Genevieve of Skewed and Reviewed took in the Micorosft Xbox One panel as part of her coverage of the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. She was impressed with what she heard during the panel but noted that many in attendance still had questions. Her take is that it is a solid machine with alot of potential and great features assuming Micorosft keeps it's promises.

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InsaneGam3r1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Can't wait for my day one edition!!!!


Garethvk1702d ago

They did a much better showing this time out than they did withe their last two big presentations. The big questions are stability, quality exclusives, and if the controversial features they said will be removed will stay removed and not be reinstated at a later date.

iamnsuperman1702d ago

For me the question I want answering is

1. Will it last (I am hoping everyone, and I mean everyone, learnt from the RROD incident. I don't care who it is, I don't want to see faulty products from Sony or Microsoft)

2. What is happening further down the line (towards the end of the 360 things started to change for the worse. We can all agree Kinect focused conferences were a kick in the balls)

3. Are they updating Live as some of its policies are not out of date (i.e. making it more competitive)

Insomnia_841702d ago

Give me the option to buy an XB1 without Kinect and you got my money MS!

Garethvk1702d ago

The trick is that they are so integrated that it may be a deal breaker for them to not include them. Sony opted to not include their camera as a way to undercut them. Microsoft has really pushed the Kinect as a requirement to many of their plans where Sony has made the camera to date an optional feature. It will be interesting to see where this goes in the future.

joefrost001702d ago

I love sony for this move make the camera optional but show all the features you cant unless you have an camera like video chat while playing, recognizing features with the controller and ect.
Even gonna have a free game already installed to the hard drive to show you different features of the camera if you choose to by one.
Its like making you buy one through the process of having bait
I love it

Insomnia_841702d ago

Come next next-gen-after XB1 and PS4- I see what's happening to the Wii U now, happening to the XB2. The cool factor of the gimmik Kinect will fade away and nobody will be interested anymore. That's why they are forcing it on people, they are doing now what Nintendo did with the Wii but will fail hard later the same way it's happening with the WiiU now and the DRM crap will definitely come back . Time will tell and you all will see. I honestly don't see a bright future in the Xbox brand being centered so much in Kinect and MS not investing in core exclusives unlike Sony. And if Apple actually buys the company who made the Kinect tech as rumored, MS is screwed!!!

Manic20141702d ago

Doubt that as the new kinect is part of the xbox one experience. To be honest the only thing you can expect from MS is a price cut and that maybe 6 months into the console cycle. From what i read the new kinect has nifty features and a much better integration.

Antwan3k1702d ago

@Insomnia_84 that's like saying you'd buy a Wii U if only it didn't come with the tablet..

Kinect 2.0 is a part of the system and it gives the system identity and an avenue for innovation..

if you're on the fence, don't buy on day one.. Just wait and see if the Kinect additions are interesting enough for you after the reviews are in and the console has been on the shelves for a few months.. To automatically write off something that you have never tried before doesn't make much sense..

the Kinect isn't about party games anymore, it's about enhancing core games..

Insomnia_841702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I seriously don't picture myself waving my hands and talking to the tv -__-

Everyone will realize this once they end up using the usual controls for everything as normal, it's cool but that's all it is, cool for a while.

Read my reply to Garethvk up there. Many will disagree with me but how many times we saw articles like "this is the future blah blah blah" when the Wii "revolutionized" gaming with its motion feature and look at where the WiiU is now, people barely talk about it, I don't even have a clear image of how the thing looks, I don't even recall what the last news about the WiiU on N4G was and haven't seen anything related to it in a long time. Last thing I heard was "The WiiU is doing really bad"

Garethvk1702d ago

It was implied at their first showing and did they not later admit that the features they showed were simulated and it was not an actual real time demonstration?

Whitey2k1702d ago

What if people fall for there crap and when it comes to games the ps4 might end up looking better like 360 vs ps3 when they do a comparison and u know which version people are gonna buy

Garethvk1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

That is a great point.

You have DDR 3 vs DDR 5 memory and the reports that the PS 4 is 50% more powerful. The trick will be what designers do with it.

For example, the Wii had less power than the other two systems but designers made some good exclusives for it.

While third party games on the Wii that were cross platform often had lower quality graphics, lesser or no online play, and in some cases, had levels or areas removed.

The trick will be down the road when the extra power of the PS 4 if it has been correctly reported may allow them to create games that the Xbox One will not be able to match.

For now the system will run games very well and they will look and play better than anything they have done before.

But as you said, side by side now and in a few years that will be the big question. Having more power is not always the answer as some designers can get a great looking and playing product by pushing the tech while others will play it safe.

As I have said all along stability is a big key for me and I need to see exclusives beyond Halo and Gears that I want to play and get excited over. I am a PC first gamer and when it comes to consoles I want exclusives that make me glad to own the console I am playing it on. The Last of Us is a prime example. I do not expect exclusives to be anywhere near that quality but it is a reason you can say I am glad I have a PS 3. Halo 4 was a reason to say I am glad I have an Xbox same with Dance Central for my wife as she liked the social aspects of it at first and it was fun for parties. It however got old as time went on for us. I look at a gamer who can only get one console a year. Assuming there are enough of both to go around and loyalty aside, the question is which one is going to give me the most exclusives and the best gaming experience.

The hard part of this is that both companies show their systems off pre launch in controlled situations and you really only have their word and reputation that it will do what they say it will and that the promised features and titles will be there down the road.

So it all comes down to personal choice and what a person wants in a console.

Skate-AK1702d ago

Actually it's DDR3 vs GDDR5.

iceman061702d ago

Excellent points. In particular your quote, "I need to see exclusives beyond Halo and Gears that I want to play and get excited over." is the one that I think about a lot. MS seems to be content with getting by on a few well established franchises and purchasing time exclusivity for anything else that they think might be interesting. That is a safer route than buying/creating dev companies. However it also shows, IMO, a lack of commitment to really give something new to the industry. Sure, the tech is nice. But, it's a means to an end for the services that they really want to offer and control.
Like you said. It's personal choice. I don't knock anybody for their choice and I will be more than happy with mine.

Manic20141702d ago

It really will be up to the Dev's on how they utilise the specs for third party dev's Sony are only giving 5GB for the games but for their first party they get 7GB. Though for Xbox one each dev gets i think 6GB for development which i read before.

Though confirmation will be needed by MS on the process of the GPU and the esram.

In the end games on both systems will look most likely the same but for first party the quality will be different.

Codeman4201702d ago

wow the last 5 minutes of gameplay is recorded, another reason why PS4 is better (15 minutes of gameplay)

theWB271702d ago

The X1 also records 30 seconds of Live gameplay and you can stream to twitch without bringing up a menu unlike the PS4. All you have to do is activate live stream by voice command with Kinect and it starts streaming. As well as look into other players stream. have to pause gameplay, press the share button and go into ustream in order to activate live streaming.

I guess that Sony advantage isn't all that great huh?

jessupj1702d ago

Yeah, that extra 5 seconds it takes to enter the menu is a huge advantage.

Still, being able to do it without interupting gameplay is pretty neat. Unfortunately they haven't been very trustworthy lateyly (see powerz of teh cloudz!) so MS is going to have to prove themselves that this is true.

But in any case I'd be willing to sacfrifice that for a more powerful concole.

Antwan3k1702d ago

The Xbox One allows for seamless uploading and streaming with contextual voice commands, has a detailed editing system via Upload Studio, and has snap view for Twitch so you can see live comments on your stream while you play..

Microsoft has shown all of these things in live demos. What has Sony shown us about the share button?
. Almost nothing other than a small snippet from a pre-edited video.. We have no idea how good or bad it's going to work during actual game play..

Garethvk1702d ago

Thank you Skate-AK silly typo/oversite on my part. I found this link that helps explain the two types of memory.

Insomnia_841702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

How about a link from AMD itself better? It's explained better with graphics etc ;)...