Is it just me, or is Drakengard 3 more like Nier 2?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "It's all a little confusing, but to me Drakengard 3 looks almost more like a sneaky attempt to do Nier 2 than a genuine Drakengard game. Or just mesh the best of both games together and hope for the best."

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Lovable1822d ago

Both games have the same gameplay. They are also both dark when it comes to story.

For some reason though, the MC for Drakengard 3 kinda resembles Kaine in Nier...

MWH1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

another Nier would be nice.. though it's impossible due to the endings.. but make a new game with similar uniqueness but with better everything.. am I making sense?

Mono-san1822d ago

If I'm not completely mistaken Nier was not only made by the same team as Drakengard, but is actually the continuation of one of Drakengards endings.

MWH1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

and oh, whatever path you guys are taking.. make sure you keep Nier's same music composer and singer.