SDCC 13′: Xbox One Vs PS4

With all the chatter and rivalry going on between two of gaming’s biggest juggernauts, Xbox and Playstation. Editor Carlos Bielma, chose to reserve all judgement until he was finally able to get his first hands on experience with both systems at this years SDCC '13.

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cl19831737d ago

An unbiased opinion piece, what the hell. Very nice read.

Aery1737d ago

Driveclub played with the motion sensor is *awesome*.

Muerte24941737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )


", but over the course of the convention, more and more attendees were flocking over to the Microsoft booth to get their hands on the games that feel like the Next Generation."

He only comments on Killer Instinct and Ryse. I do admit Ryse was by far, Microsoft's best looking game @ E3. But it looks like an on-rail QTE. I recall Heavy Rain getting alot of flak from Xbox owners for this. But now that it's on their system, everything's ok. I'm just don't like the fact that Rare isn't doing Killer Instict. I'm sorry but a fighter and OTE doesn't define next gen in my opinion. I'd really wish he would elaborate on this "next gen feel" he's talking about


I'm assuming you're the author. The article tries to remain unbiased until you mention that Killer Instict and Ryse "feel" next gen. Fighting games haven't changed for quite some time. They're gameplay mechanics isn't that relies on hardware. This means Killer Instinct could come out on Xbox360 and the only difference you'll notice is visuals. Ryse is linear and scripted, which contradicts what next gen is suppose to offer (Dynamic, and open-world). My point is, both games while visually stunning, gameplay have already been done this gen. You probably meant games that "look" not "feel" next gen.

CRAIG6671737d ago

Can you read? what are you talking about?

Kanzes1737d ago

I'm fine with qte, as long it's fun

Muerte24941737d ago

I find it extremely creepy how much some of you guys are worshipping Mark Cerny and my little Sony, it's as if you have been brain washed... #10
3d ago by CRAIG667 | View comment

yeah sure this guy is.....

I aint biased, I read articles regarding steam/PS/XB, I play games on steam/xbox/PS3/WII,even my good old PSP now and again.I can truthfully say hand on heart what you just said is BULLSHIT.
I have not read a single article on this site that was written specifically for playstation users in mind that was then hijacked by xbots? not one.

The Sony sausage brigade make me ashamed to be a gamer at times. #5.1.1
17d ago by CRAIG667 | View comment

"Sony sausage brigade...."

Sure this guys is unbiased lol

lgn151737d ago

You quoted a mere fact dude. He was just saying a fact, over time more people went to the xbox station. Just an observation dude.

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NewMonday1737d ago

nothing new about next gen at SDCC, just more of the old news.

it would have been a great opportunity for MS and Sony to show the promised TV shows, SDCC is the proper event for that.

JunioRS1011737d ago

Good article, but I think I speak for every gamer when I say:

Ryse, Driveclub, Killer Instinct, and Octodad are certainly not the games we're waiting for.

I think while this was a good article, everybody needs to play the REAL games and read an article about THOSE games to get a sense of what each console is.

This is why I'm so excited for Gamescom. GIVE US THE REAL GAMES.

creatchee1737d ago

Speak for yourself. I've been waiting for a new Killer Instinct game for 15 years and OctoDad looks fun as hell.

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KillrateOmega1737d ago

Wow. An opinion piece that came off as logical, fair, and unbiased.

Where am I? This can't be N4G.

CRAIG6671737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

If Sony had shown Infamous and KZSF then for me they would have won, Knack just isn't my thing...
Huge KI fan and Ryse looks amazing too.

badboy7761737d ago

Maybe Sony were saving there big guns for Gamecom.

CRAIG6671737d ago

I would have to agree, they will step it up at Gamescom for sure.
Hopefully Microsoft announce a couple more exclusives too...

HammadTheBeast1737d ago


Definitely, not to mention Killzone MP coming up.

Cmk01211737d ago

agreed sony showed off lesser titles so they were less impressive at one convention. dude up there is going bonkers saying unbiased SMH

Muerte24941737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

How does a fighter, which doesn't rely on system specs at all, feel next gen? I would suppose you're only talking about the graphics in this regards. Because when it comes to fighters the only thing that matters is frames.
Ryse, while being a beautiful, again didn't show anything gameplay-wise that says next gen. In fact, it looked quite the opposite. From what i've seen, it's looks very scripted and linear. Next gen as far as other titles are concerned, are more dynamic (Watch dogs) and open world (Killzone:SF/Destiny/Dead Rising3). I guess we just have a difference of opinion when we say "....feel like next gen."


I already stated (Watch Dogs/Division/Destiny/Killzone :SF/Dead Rising3/etc.) Had you actually read my statement all the way through, you'd see I mention gameplay being more dynamic (not scripted) and open-world (free roaming).

Fighting games rely on game mechanics and frames, not hardware. Super Smash Bros. Melee (11 year old) was @ EVO with Injustice (almost 6 months old)

malokevi1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

And what game are you thinking of, exactly, that DOES demonstrate "next-gen gameplay"?

...whatever that's supposed to mean...

malokevi1736d ago

Well, then, does GTAV count as next-gen?

From your qualifications, it certainly seems like it does...

Neoninja1737d ago

I agree with the above comments, was a good read and unbiased.

1737d ago
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