5 Reasons Why I Cancelled My PS4 Pre-Order

In amongst the hype of the next generation consoles Ben from BagoGames had a few epiphanies that spelt doom for his PS4 pre-order. Here's why.

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Lovable1637d ago

He got "carried away" after watching

iamnsuperman1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I would wait for any hardware defects to be ironed out. There shouldn't be though but it can happen.

To be honest if it is a toss up between a PS4 and learning to drive. Learn to drive. PS4 is not going anywhere but if you keep putting off learning to drive you might never do it. Your 18 and the people who I know (my girlfriend being one of them) is finding it hard to learn to drive at 22 because she has life stuff that gets in the way (see in envious I did mine at 17). 18 is a perfect time to learn how to drive.

I am waiting partly because I have a lack of money at the moment (blew mine on a CV boosting gap year and university made me broke) but also because the launch titles are just not that interesting. I would love to play Killzone but I can also wait to play it

Shad0wRunner1637d ago

That's ok. I and many others will be lining up on launch day, to Beta test the PS4. We still have a few months to save up $400-$500 and there are still plenty of GOOD reasons to preorder and be one of the first to get your hands on a PS4.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to wait, tho.

fOrlOnhOpe571637d ago

Its ok to wait. Ive been buying Sony since the 70's and apart from one crappy DVD recorder and a YLOD on my original 60 gb PS3, its all been good.
Got mine preordered on Amazon.

mkotechno1637d ago

5 reasons he should know already before make the preorder, some of them pretty stupid like the YLOD that is nearly impossible to happen in nextgen cause both are based on 28nm and laptop tech.

So I call this article bullshit.

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The story is too old to be commented.