Used games hurting gaming industry

Used game sellers are making a profit at the expense of developers, according to studio Ready at Dawn.

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Sharius1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

that's ridiculous, the guy who said used game steal thier money either completly ignorant or a fool, in business, used stuff and new stuff are like the 2 side of the coin, they co-op with each other

let take the dragon age game for the example: back then i have no idea what is that game like, i'm kind of old school gamer who afraid of trying the new IP unless it's really good, but then i get that game for the cheap price and try it's out, and man, that was very good game, i even spent more than 30 bucks to by that game DLC (which i rarely did before), and after that i become the fan of that series, buying DA2 and DLC, throught it's not as good as the first but now i'm still waiting for the 3 come out, and of course day 1

so if you want to make the massive profit, make the goddamn game i want to buy a new and i want to keep

Yi-Long1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

... also, if developers/publishers have such a big problem with 2nd hand games, they should make sure gamers don't WANT to SELL their game!

Now, people buy a game new, finish it within 1-2 weeks, and sell it so they can buy another new game (the money mostly flows back directly into the industry).

If you don't want gamers to sell your game 2 weeks after they bought it, promise those gamers free content 1-2 months from now! Keep supporting it with new fresh free content!

That would be a major reason for people to

A: buy a game on day 1 for full price, cause they'll know they won't be nickel-and-dimed, and they know there won't be a much better bigger and more complete version released for a fraction of the price, a year later!

B: Knowing the game will have free content-updates to keep them happy, gamers won't sell their games, but will hang on to them!

It's a win for everyone involved; More first-day full-priced sales. More value for money for consumers who will get the full complete experience when buying a game, instead of being nickel-and-dimed!