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Check Out Dragon’s Crown’s PvP Arena Leaked Gameplay Video

Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown will be released in Japan in just a few hours and apparently someone already got his hand on a copy and posted a gameplay video. (Dragon's Crown, PS Vita, PS3)

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Loki86  +   267d ago
This just went to a day 1 buy, this is going to be amazing on my vita.
Abriael  +   267d ago
Would have been a day one for me as well, if I wasn't already playing the review code :P
HammadTheBeast  +   267d ago
NiteX  +   267d ago
You thief!
fsfsxii  +   267d ago
Rub it in my face -_-
miyamoto  +   267d ago

Mind blown!

Dear Sega & Treasure,

Come on. Its still not too late to bring in Guardian Heroes HD for the PSN because this game is sitting on a gold mine, a dragon's gold mine I tell you. You are greatly missing on a golden opportunity not to cash in on this game craze when Dragon's Crown hit the streets in August. look at greedy Capcom. It beat you to it by releasing Dungeons and Dragons on PSN early on.

Oh Sega why do you hate my gold.... I mean our gold?

Guardian Heroes HD on PSN .... its never too late, Sega.
Alexious  +   267d ago
DAT photo, Abriael....
Inception  +   267d ago
Abriael, you lucky bas****! T_T
Good to be a sony gamer at the end of a generation.

Exclusives keep coming.
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Lovable  +   267d ago
Look at those OO mamaries...
izumo_lee  +   267d ago
Is it me or does watching the Sorceress kinda hypnotic.

I have to say this game is gonna be a whole lotta fun but some players may be overpowered when they do this PVP.
jimmywolf  +   267d ago
she was playing against bad players the knight held his own very well near end but played too defensive
let her Regen spam her skills
HammadTheBeast  +   267d ago
Pretty sure those were AI.
strigoi814  +   267d ago
This pvp battles needs more costumes, colors and at atleast apperance
zeroskie  +   267d ago
what did you just type?
kingmushroom  +   267d ago
boobs :D
GEO9875  +   267d ago
Men... *yawn*
kingmushroom  +   267d ago
O_o ?
worldwidegaming  +   267d ago
Bet they loved poison until they learned the truth!
Boobs = possble man trap.
rlacorne  +   267d ago
Agrim  +   267d ago
Wow she seems to deal a good ton of damage but also seems uber fragile. Two good combos and she is down. I like that :D

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