How Microsoft showed it only cares about the US market

TechRadar - If you don't live in the United States, Microsoft doesn't care about you.

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Hei-senberg1818d ago

I'm a Xbox fan, and I agree with the title.

MS act like doesn't care about the consumers outside the US market. I'm really pissed off when they said they wouldn't release the console outside the 21 selected country, makes me can't pre-order the Xbox One until end of the next year, while If I remember correctly, they announced the Xbox One will be available "worldwide" later this year, it seems that's a lie.

dcj05241818d ago

It's no longer region locked. You speak english so buy it online from the UK or USA.

USMC_POLICE1818d ago

Here is my question to you if it is an issue why support that system when there is another system coming out at the same time that will support your country? if it was me and playstation didnt support the north american region but xbox did i would go with xbox.

Hei-senberg1818d ago


I asked about it to Xbox Support twitter, but they replied me to wait till my country are supported. It's gonna be sucks to wait until November next-year


I'm not depending them, I just didn't like that they're the one who always being picked on the Internet, like I said, I'm buying both console and PS4, from what I know it doesn't have any problem to me since it's really gonna launch worldwide this November.

MazzingerZ1818d ago

Nothing new...even XBLG today across Europe (except UK?) is nothing close to what it is in the's mostly paying for gaming online and party just took MSFT 5 years to deliver a dashboard menu in Swedish while SONY did it day one...first party titles are neither localized...SONY does it! They subtitle even in small languages like Swedish or Danish, that's worth to admire from a costumer perspective

Recall getting Viva Piñata( I think 2) for my kids and it was ONLY in english!!

Like I said, nothing new...fooled once

Kaze881818d ago


Eventough the system is not region locked anymore. But the store/online is locked by an ip, if youre in a country where its not released you wont be able to go online and download the patch that disables DRM. ofc if youre a geek and change your vpn settings (or use proxy) from the modem to fake that youre from UK for example, you then can download the patch...but you wont be able to play games online due the lag that vpn usually does.

abzdine1818d ago

it's pretty obvious that their only obsession is the US market. Remember the may 21st reveal? NFL and american TV show things, i dont give a damn about US football and all this because they said that TV is one of the main focus of the X1.

Now if it was during E3 i could say ok it's an american conference and they'll be revealing european japanese plans during TGS and gamescom but when this happens during a worldwide reveal it's obvious to me at least.

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MariaHelFutura1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

The rest of world is smart enough to not buy sloppily engineered technology that's rushed out the door regardless of fail rates. Just like American cars.

gapecanpie1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Wth are you on about? Toyota had a huge recall that cost $1.63 billion and Nissan had a recall of 841,000 cars... Not to mention I had to buy 2 ps3 systems 1 due to ylod and the other a dead disk drive.... nothing is perfect and nothing last for ever.


My point is nothing is perfect and nothing last.

Every company will have a f**k up, however if the same thing happen again with the X1 on the same scale as the x360 then MS should go out of business.

showtimefolks1818d ago


how quickly you gave those numbers what about the fact american government had to spend billions just to bail out amercans car makers because they weren't smart enough to run their companies

i agree nothing is perfect, and i feel for you if you actually lost 2-3 ps3's but fact is on gaming sites people are saying all the time i had 5 xbox360's die on me or 5 ps3's died on me

RROD was a huge issue because MS wanted to come out first so they can steal part of the market, early on MS didn't even admit to the fact RROD was a legit issue

Rockstar_51818d ago

Umm stop talking about PS4 like that you know those poor people struggled to make a decent console but didn't succeed give Sony a break LMFAO

badboy7761818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

PlayStation gamers like myself have always known about things like this. We were never surprised by things such as when Microsoft announced DRM policys etc...

adorie1818d ago

I have a 2006 ford f-150 triton and I'm on my 4th throttle body, 2nd "speedometer cluster " and 3rd window motor kit, not to mention I have to keep replacing fuses for my lighter sockets and replaced the keypad twice.

My BF owns a 1998 Nissan Maxima. We both take care of our cars and always put down on fluids, rotations, alignments and such. Long story short, we TAKE CARE of our vehicles.

The Maxima has 123k miles, the Ford F-150 has 58k miles (the current speedometer cluster has more miles than what's actually on the truck, 63k, provided by Ford...)
Maxima... only the brakes, filters, fuses, fluids and front and rear lights were replaced as needed, none of the main parts have went out, so far so good.

American quality has gone so far down, it's evident from food and clothes, to automobiles.

Xbox 360, Red Ring of Death, an American designed console, by an American corporation, Microsoft has ultimate say-so how the Chinese put it together and what parts goes inside of it.

I'd love to have lived in a time when American quality was supposedly envied across the world and was comparable to German quality, namely automobiles.

Before you hit me with the "if you don't like this country, then move out, I love this country, I just despise what's happening to it.

Back on topic, you went through 3 YLoD PS3's? I have went through 1, after almost 5 years of excessive play, we watched movies, played games, used it as a jukebox and streaming device during get-togethers. My BF ran the thing for over a month on multiple occasions and I'm not messing around. Our 60 Gig, launch PlayStation 3 is one of the most reliable consoles I have ever owned.

On the other hand, we have went through 2 Xbox 360's and the third one we just recently sold to prepare for PS4, we got 2 pre-ordered.

We're keeping the 60 gig ps3 as a collector's item and plan to reball, reflow and replace the fan for a much higher quality one, in 2014.

Lastly, before you call me fanboy or fangirl, we also sold all of our PS3 games as well.

PC and PS4 all the way this time around. Steam and PS+ are getting a lot of love in our apartment, going forward.

America needs to step it up, but how is that to happen when we keep everything outsourced for the sake of profits? We don't even invest as much as we did 10 years ago, into infrastructure. SMFH.

nukeitall1818d ago

That is why almost the entire world run on software that is either developed or originated in the US.

Most of the technology for gaming is from the US. Heck the Xbox One and PS4 are both pretty much developed in the US.

YNWA961818d ago

@Showtimefolks, yes bailing out some car companies is bad, but the car companies execs were made to grovel in front of the Senate. In Europe, the banks brought countries to its knees and the whole country needed bailing out..... No one is perfect, and corporate greed does not discriminate. Same theory could be put up about PSN servers, a very sloppy security job on this, which Sony admitted.
Maria, you are so miserable, but have a nice day.

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showtimefolks1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

because the rest of the world doesn't get so caught in this i buy american product. MS seems to get a free pass for how they treated us the last 3 years. The moment wii slowed down we saw ms push Kinect hard and totally gave up on its core fanbase that got them to 50 plus million install base and who stuck by them even with RROD

no again, i know for a fact MS will give up on core fanbase with 3-4 years and move to TV/Casual crowd

i guess what i am saying is prove it to me that you can support as system for the whole gen instead of the first few years

what really pisses me off is the Fact sony and Nintendo deliver AAA top class exclusives while MS keep making the same racing game along with a FPS and call it a day

than MS fans have the obesity to tell other well exclusives don't matter, yeh that's why ps3 caught up to xbox360 with one less year in the market

many american gamers simply give MS a free pass when it comes to delivering exclusives


what you have been under a rock?

demon soul
Uncharted series
GOW series
ICO/SOTC collection
Ratchet and clank
Yakuza series
ni nu kuni
last of us
heavy rain
3d dot hero
little big planet

and that's not counting any PSN or games that are due out later this year like GT6 and beyond 2 souls

in 2013 sony delivered more exclusives than MS did in last 3 years combined

i can go on and on

No FanS Land

just look at E3 sony showed off many games coming to ps3 while MS turned their attention to xbox-one.


like i said MS has to prove those of us who believe they will chase causlas again wrong, you talk about first 4-5 years. what about the other 3 years when all we got were kienct titles

Geezus1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

you know for a fact ms will give up on the core fanbase in 3-4 years!? please state these so called "facts" i would love to hear them.
those are not facts pertaining to the Xbox. your saying its a "fact" that in the future (3-4 years) MS will phase out their gaming studios and exclusives in favor of tv/ casual functionality for the One

No FanS Land1818d ago


Well Ms did get exclusive games from 2005 to 2009-10. Getting GTAIV day one RE5 and FF13, along with other timed/full exclusives is quite a feat. but then with the impeding release of kinect ms has been running with 4-6 ip's getting a sequel at every 2 years.

What doesn't tell you MS will not repeat this strategy much earlier this time around since the X1 is out the gate a console with casual/tv crowd in mind.

I know many people jumped ship because of MS's newfound market/philosophy.

FlameHawk1818d ago

@Geezus, fact, Microsoft has got one of the best developers making a Kinect game when they can be making games for the core gamers.

showtimefolks1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

now again they are doing it wrong, instead of investing in 1st party studios they are chasing 3rd party timed exclusives.

titan fall
dead rising 3

both will be on ps4 6-12 months

you look at sony handling QD and ready at dawn both are independent studios but are working with/for sony. MS has the money why not create some studios and really have a long successful future


don't worry about him, he must be one of those who buy COD,Halo and madden each year and call it a day.

its people like him who are the reason MS feels like they can screw the consumer who buys their product at the highest price point at launch

it was people like him who were defending DRM by MS when rest of the world was saying WTF

n4rc1818d ago

Hate to burst your bubble.. But the so-called "TV/casual" IS their core market..

People like you are the vast minority.. Its not meant as an insult..

Its perfectly fine to want more then just a gaming device.. Most people do.. If Sony's exclusives and strictly gaming is all you want..

Then you'd be a complete idiot to get a xbox.. Lol.. My question is.. Why do you feel the need to complain about it?

Geezus1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

you guys should look up the word fact in the dictionary. Your making an ASSUMPTION based on past history. Ms may or May not abandon core gamers in the future nobody knows what we do know is that Microsoft is producing 15 exclusives in the first year with the majority being new ips and that a lot of their 29 studios are working on titles for the the xbox. if that not catering to the core demographic idk what is. Using your logic whats to say sony wont do the same in the first couple years of its console launch ala the Ps3 or most recently Vita!?

showtimefolks1818d ago


yeh i am really sorry i don't want to connect my cable box through xbox one and have more wires. this is suppose to be the one box to rule them all yet has no DVR

that so called minority got them to a huge lead in the USA when they launched the xbox360. most people still buy a gaming console to play games even if those are exercise games or kinect dance games


their past track record is why i said fact, and i do know for a fact they will give up on and here is why. May 21st 2013 when they first showed the system nothing but TV/casuals so that's still there

i have 15 or so gaming friends 4 of us had ps3 others had xbox360 now all of us pre ordered ps4. so gamers are worried and i for one agree with everyone who is making the switch

nintendo and sony have a long history of delivering yet MS has a 10 year history of giving up on their console the moment a new one comes out and have 7 year history of giving up on its core fanebase

some of you complaining here is something, why did MS take back most of the DRM stuff because no TV/Casual crowd is gonna spend 500 to watch cable so they crawled back to us, when the price goes down they will target casuals again

jetlian1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

"in 2013 sony delivered more exclusives than MS did in last 3 years combined"

prove this lol!!!! MS cant control what japanese devs do. Sony always shows off games some never see the light of day. vs now ff15 and its not exclusive.

TLG, agent, agency,ni oh, getaway, etc are all

Sony uses QD just like MS uses remedy

How do you know titanfall and dead rising will be on ps4 in 6-12? did ms block gears yea did ps3 get dead rising 1 no

showtimefolks1818d ago


Watch angry joe isn't view with Titanfall developer, he basically says no comment than laughs that evil smile lol

Titan fall for sure will be on ps4, dead rising is published by MS if I am not wrong so that's gonna be tough

Ni nu kuni
Last of us
Sly 4
Beyond 2 souls

There and that only from top of my head, I am sure I am missing few exclusives

Last of us alone is worth more than any other Xbox exclusive in 3 years besides halo 4. Halo is a great franchise and should get the credit it deserves

green1818d ago

Like the way your fanboys were using the word "FACT" between 2005 - pre E3 2009 to say that Microsoft will release a next gen 360 in 2009, 4 years after it was launched and will completely abandon the 360 because that is what they did with the original Xbox.

I wonder how that "fact" turned out.

insomnium21818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


They released a casual peripheral and put 500 million to ads for it and abandoned the core gamer. Essentially the same thing happened from the core-gamer-pov. The x360 was on it's last legs in 2010 pretty much. Hell even 2009. It's been nothing but Kinect after that.

So yeah they either had to release a whole new console or Kinect. It doesn't matter to their install base witch one they still got the cold shoulder. Hows that for a fact?

Here's my proof. You are free to try and give me a rebuttal to this one.


coolvibu931817d ago

MS did show games for Xbox 360 at E3

Max: Curse of the Brothehood
World of Tanks
Project Sparks

All those games are coming to Xbox 360. They also unveiled a new Xbox 360 model

coolvibu931817d ago

and MS fans have the '''''obesi ty''''' to tell other well exclusives don't matter,

Ha Ha, that's not how you write ''audacity''

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Ausbo1818d ago

I agree microsoft cares more about the USA than anything. However, this article sounds like a rant by a pissed off person who lives in Austrailia and was expecting to play xbox one.

NEWS FLASH..............Neither xbox one or ps4 were there. Why all the hate towards one and not the other.

everyone is jumping on the hate xbox bandwagon.

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cl19831818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Where's the article attacking PS4 for not attending at all "conclusion based upon info in this piece". Maybe part of the reason there weren't more stations available was due to customs requirements and limitations. I know for a fact you can only import an item into the United States once. It's a shame the author couldn't of actually looked into the reason that it wasn't available.

edited for spelling originally could in stead of couldn't

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Godmars2901818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Yeah, more than a bit of a point of chastising MS for making an appearance when Sony doesn't even bother to show up to seemingly no complaint at all.

Though it might be better to ask what kind of appearance did the 360 and PS3 make in Australia at a similar event around their launches.

Not that any of that doesn't show that MS, or Sony for that matter, are only concerned with the US market.

Bigpappy1818d ago

The Americas is the biggest gaming market. It is very important to all console makers to have their strongest presence there. M$ will support the entire world, but North America has to be their main focus because that is where they have the largest fanbase. U.K is another hot spot.

JokesOnYou1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

They are based in the US and have more of the legal channels for implementing services ironed you have any idea how difficult it is to implement many of its services in the face of foreign laws? Yeah just selling a console is one thing satisfying legalities and getting cable providers on board is another thing, people are mad, just like higher prices but its not ALL micros fault its their own government/economy fault that results it these difficulties.

Edit I meant to reply to Godmars

Godmars2901818d ago

Except with consoles now being multimedia centers they have to justify the money being asked for them. And despite the attention put into things such as Netflix and Hulu when first introduced on the 360 and PS3, it took years more before anything comparable was in regions like Australia or even Japan for that matter. meanwhile MS had the never to ask for a subscription which literally was just so non-US owners of their system could play online.

With the XB1 and PS4 consoles really need to better by their non-US markets, or lose any right whatsoever to complain when those markets fail to buy their product.

adorie1818d ago

Microsoft doesn't focus on the U.S because it's the biggest market, they focus on the U.S because it's easier to sell the 360 here, than anywhere else.

At least, that's what I believe.

Bigpappy1817d ago

So why are 360 easier to sell in America? And why does Nintendo and Sony also focus on this "easy" market? What so special about Americans that make it so easy to sell them 360's and even more so wii's?

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