The Wonderful 101's multiplayer mode is pure chaos | Polygon

Polygon: "Platinum Games' "mass hero action" game for Wii U, The Wonderful 101, is a challenging experience when playing by oneself. Wrangling dozens of citizens, aligning them with your superheroic cause and battling giant monsters and robots, can be dizzying.

In the game's competitive-cooperative multiplayer mode, leading a team of superheroes becomes a rainbow of beautiful chaos."

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_QQ_1764d ago

Nothing less from the guy who brought us Okami.

cleft51764d ago

Yep I am really looking forward to this game.

PopRocks3591764d ago

That's a pretty bitchin' concept for coop multiplayer. My guess is it has no online though?

weekev151764d ago

It is on WiiU but maybe Kamiya will have a different approach than Nintendo. Cant say Ive heard if it will/wont have online. What gets me is, the infrastructure is there so why dont Nintendo use it?

PopRocks3591764d ago

If there's any one question or criticism I feel people should actually be throwing Nintendo's way (as oppose to the usual complaints involving hardware or gimmicks) it's that one.

Wii U has the capacity and therefor potential for good online play, even great online play. Why the hell doesn't anyone take advantage of it, including and especially Nintendo?

RFornillos41764d ago

if it doesn't have online, then yes i agree. Nintendo should be looking into this. More and more people are demanding some sort of online content where it would be appropriate. Nintendo Land would have been more awesome if it had online play; heck even Wii Sports would have been awesome (more) with online play.

although i'm quite hopeful that in time Nintendo will be supporting more online gameplay, especially with their first-party games. they're doing it for Mario Kart, and for a couple of 3DS games, so i'm sure they have plans to do the same for future Wii U games.

ibroman1764d ago

Actually it's platinum so i would expect online since bayonetta 2 will have it.

falcon971764d ago

Looks amzing i'm buying it...

bacrec11764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I have this pre-ordered.