EA Software Showcase: Hands On With Madden 25. GamerHub TV Preview

Most things get better with age and the Madden franchise is no exception.

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gamerlive1792d ago

Madden 25 is really looking good.

TENTONGUN1792d ago

i have it preordered for my ps4. not have the game for the first part of the season is going to bug me

Talamak1792d ago

I don't suspect this madden share mode to be allowed during ranked matches online, but more so I hope you can filter out people using this feature in unranked matches as me it takes away from the teams authenticity

Blachek1792d ago

Ugh, Phil Simms... how I loathe you.

MadMen1792d ago

I am way passed the

"We have an all new engine"
"We have added over XXX animations this year"
"We have worked on the offense and running game this year"

After hearing this the past 10yrs, buying this game once every 3 years is the only way to space it out enough so you feel like your getting a better game.

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