The Last Of Us: DLC I’d Like To See Happen

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The Last of Us has dazzled the masses with its hard-hitting story and brutal world. Ellie and Joel’s journey may have ended, but the game’s universe is still teeming with stories to tell. Throughout the game there are notes that detail other survivors’ struggles, and these notes contain some great (or horrific) stories that feature interesting characters.''

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MonChiChi1764d ago

No thanks. New maps in MP would be welcome though.

GribbleGrunger1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I like those suggestions. I feared the worse when I clicked on the link but the suggestions are perfectly in line with the tone of TLOU.

iamnsuperman1764d ago

No. The Last of Us story is purely about Joel and Ellie. The rest are mere side characters who give the story some objective. Now having story DLC doesn't fit with that theme. I understand multiplayer DLC but not story DLC. It is quite similar to how we do not get Uncharted story DLC

GribbleGrunger1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

ND can put just as much love and attention to detail in another survivor in TLOU. It doesn't take anything away from Joel and Ellie, it adds to the universe they also occupy. These suggestion are rather clever in my opinion.

KUV19771764d ago

Story-DLC has already been announced, so they are a fact. And as there will be story-dlc I would also like it a lot better to have a side-story than some form of modification to the original story.

Wizziokid1764d ago

I would like to see a new game mode for MP and story DLC? I'd be happy to play what ever they decide on that front

aaron58291764d ago

you know what's not right?

CaptainSheep1764d ago

Wanna hear a pizza joke?

Never mind, it's too cheesy.

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