The Elements Of A Great Bad Game

GameInformer: "Sometimes a 'so bad it's good' experience can be just as fun as a genuinely good one."

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shadowmist131823d ago

Conkers bad fur day has a ridiculous story,but its still a fun game.

Rhaigun1823d ago

Two Worlds II isn't exactly a great game, but for some reason, I loved it.

3-4-51823d ago

certain games are like that. I've enjoyed plenty of games only to find out later they had ratings of 6/10 or whatever.

SpiralTear1823d ago

I'd rather see a terrible-on-all-levels game than a generic middle-of-the-road one any day. I sure as hell wouldn't BUY it, of course, but at least the game would be interesting as opposed to generic and empty.

Some games like Big Rigs, Drake of the 99 Dragons and Superman 64 are so horrible that I swear the developers were TRYING to make it bad. Unless you're completely clueless and devoid of any testers at all, you can't let games like those out onto the market and actually think people can enjoy playing them.

jlm91822d ago

Big Mutha Truckers - so terrible it was good