GTA IV: Secrets 'N More

Xbox World 360 trawl Liberty City for hidden extras...

1. Game for a laugh

There are plenty of mini-games tucked away in GTA IV. Old favourites pool, basketball and Go Go Space Monkey return, joining new games such as darts. You can even visit the driving range to practice your golf swing. For fights, of course.

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LOFT3163908d ago

Or Article's like it
Because i don't wanna spoil the fun
Think it might be time to stay away from the GTA 4 related article's from now on

Jamegohanssj53908d ago

Golf, Pool, Basketball?! I'm going to have some fun. Mini games like this is the only thing that Grand Theft Auto Vice City lacked, but Vice City stories picked that up. Too bad it wasn't on par with Vice City.

The Genius has spoken.

Varsarus3908d ago

The secret is the ps3 version is better.

ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahaha
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Okay, I'm done. But, your one funny broad..

Seriously.. your an idiot.

Jamegohanssj53908d ago

That's no secret my friend mwuhahahahah!

The Genius has spoken.

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