EA: digital is “what we’re all about”

EA made 76% of its revenue from digital business last quarter, and the publisher “burned the ships and marched inland”, according to EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau.

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FlameHawk1733d ago

Says the one losing to Steam. The only reason they are going digital is because they can make more money.

Flavor1733d ago

"The only reason they are ________ is because they can make more money."

You ain't MBA material.

BitbyDeath1733d ago

Probably counting PS+ freebies :-p

Shad0wRunner1733d ago

No EA...screwing people over, is "what you're all about."

USMC_POLICE1733d ago

I don't want all digital...ever

KwietStorm1733d ago

It's likely to happen at some point.

BitbyDeath1733d ago

So is a zombie apocalypse but why rush it?

Soldierone1733d ago

Not any time soon. If it were to happen, then music would already be 100 percent digital. Yet CD's are still sold everywhere. Why? Because people like me will not buy digital, you have absolutely no rights when you do.

Bigpappy1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

'Soldierone', I have 1000+ of the greatest hips I know on a thumb drive that I use in my car. When I need to ad a song I go to amazon and download in seconds. I can do anything I want to with that music. More that you with the physical disk (including rights). I challenge you to tell be 1 advantage you have buying the CD over buying digital.

We can demand ownership rights to Digital in the U.S and I am sure the courts will back the public on this. Amazon does it right.

USMC_POLICE1733d ago

yes and it's likely that nuclear war will happen at some point but that don't mean lets start it next week just because it will happen in the future

rainslacker1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


how nice for you. I don't download stuff for the most part. I like my physical products. What you want, and what you do, is not even the norm.

When the courts decide we have ownership on digital products, I may change my preference, or at least be willing to use digital more.

Also one advantage? It's what I like. It's how I consume my media. It works for me.

Having a physical copy means I'm not at the mercy of the content provider for access to my purchases. That's a pretty big advantage to me.

Don't care how many people are saying something is the future, I like what I like. A CD or game collection is much more impressive sitting on a shelf than just telling people that you spent a whole bunch of money on a bunch of 1's and 0's that you don't even own. I guess with digital we could boot up the system to show it off, but that's not quite as natural as someone looking at it and asking you about it. Doing it the digital way is more forced, and somewhat narcissistic...not really natural at all.

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KwietStorm1733d ago

I didn't say next week, I didn't say next year, but you said you don't want digital ever. I'm saying you're gonna have to accept it at some point, that's all.

famoussasjohn1733d ago

Good luck with that. We're transitioning and will eventually be in an all digital state.

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