Verdict in EA Madden IP Lawsuit - Jury Finds in Favor of Original Madden Programmer

The case alleges that EA and Antonick signed a series of publishing and development contracts, culminating in a 1986 agreement that requires EA to pay him royalties on any derivative works related to the original version of EA Madden, including current annual releases, and prohibits EA from using his confidential information.

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ftwrthtx1699d ago

That guy may have just made hundreds of millions if it continues on to PS4/Xbox One and beyond, and it might.

cleft51698d ago

This is yet another case where EA could have probably just done the right thing and paid out a small fee to this guy. Instead they now open themselves up to even more lawsuits and even more dislike from gamers over yet another issue.

NYC_Gamer1699d ago

I'm happy dude won his case against EA

AcesHigh2911699d ago

Welp, there went a lot of money.

ftwrthtx1699d ago

Can anyone actually wrap their minds around how much money is at stake here? Think about every Madden game, regardless of generation or platform, this guy just might get a cut of the BIG pie.

How much has the Madden series made over its lifetime? This guy gets a cut of that, or at least that's what he's trying to do.

porkChop1699d ago

I remember seeing an article earlier that said he could get around $11m. That's not much for a big publisher like EA so they won't really be affected by this.

ftwrthtx1698d ago

This article states $11 Million to start with, but he's also asking for royalties on every Madden ever released, and every Madden released in the future.

He's actually got a decent shot at it, too.

Akuma2K1698d ago

I hope this affects the nfl license, hopefully this will help the nfl think twice and end the license thing especially if EA is gonna lose money every madden game sold.....not good business in any sense.

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