Things Video Games Do Better Than Movies

Why Video Games Are Bigger (& Better) Than Hollywood

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1818d ago

Games provide alot more and consistent fun that a movie in general and especially most movies that come out these days suck hard and mostly flop.Even a good film could only have 40 mins of enjoyment.

T-What1818d ago

EVERYTHING, A video games is really nothing more then an interactive movie for the most part

S2Killinit1818d ago

these two guys are not authorities when it comes to games, so please refrain from making stupid comments like last time Mr. Speilberg.

nutcrackr1817d ago

Interaction is the key here. Movies don't alter based on what the audience (gamer) does. Immersion is another one. Although games are visually far behind CGI or real life, you are inside a world and experience it (see Skyrim).

Einhert1817d ago

The two jokes pictured who think gaming is not an art are actually in a way correct.

Gaming is not just an art but art is one small piece of gaming, along with filmography, acting and music.

Gaming is all of these things combined into an interactive format, how is that not awesome?

Errol James1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Art makes up a small portion of what the gaming experience is. So true.

I was watching my friends play Saints Row 3 the other night. I was blown away by how the train tracks looked from under a bridge. They were so uneven, yet so perfect as my friend drove around Steelport. I was staring at a moving painting as I looked at the screen.

That moment accounts for less than 1% of what I actually do in Saints Row 3. There was no controller involved, no advice, no anything. Just me watching the game enjoying the art.