Last Week I Was An Evil Gamer, I Was “That Guy”

eGamer writes: "We all have our definitions of “that guy” when it comes to gaming. You know, that guy who trains religiously in any competitive game, and then makes him or herself feel good by beating up inexperienced players. I know someone like that. Or how about that guy who thinks he or she is an amazing player and tries to teach everyone on your team how to live despite having a score that can barely elicit a semi. Or maybe you know of that guy who takes multiplayer games way too seriously and refuses to have fun when everyone else is, eventually resorting to obscene language, sulky silence or rage quitting. We all know a that guy in some form. They are manifestations of evil.

And last week, for the first time in my life, I became a that guy."

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iceman061671d ago

Couldn't have happened to a better guy...umm...wait...I don't know him! LOL

This is what I call the Six Million Dollar Man syndrome. Break somebody down and them build them up...stronger...and faster.
My nephew used to do this all of the time. He would challenge me to random games (most of which I purchased for him). I wouldn't take him seriously and he would beat me. Then, he would start to trash talk. I would whoop him repeatedly (in whatever game) and remind him that I built him. I know his secrets because I taught them to him. He's now old enough to have his own secrets. But, I am wiser and still beat his butt on the regular...someone has to be "that guy". It might as well be someone who loves him!