Testing Shows XP Still Outperforms Vista

With the market preparing for the next -- and final -- phase of the life of Windows XP with the forthcoming general availability of Service Pack 3, the old operating system continues to show itself to be a spry performer. In head-to-head tests between Windows XP Service Pack 3 Beta (Release Candidate 2) against Windows Vista Service Pack 1, it's clear that XP still holds a measurable performance advantage overMicrosoft (NSDQ: MSFT)'s next-generation desktop operating system.

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decapitator3880d ago

I am yet to upgrade to service pack 3, should I and is it worth it ?

kr90913879d ago

i think it is worth it! I noticed an increase of about 8-15 fps in gaming in addition to my apps starting a little bit faster.

mirroredderorrim3880d ago

I would say it is very worth it. I will probably buy two copies of the OS before this even happens.

Vista's the pits. Anyone who says Vista is better than XP atm is experiencing lucid dreams.

ar3879d ago

Vista on an HTPC works like a charm (at least on mine). But it won't get on my gaming pc anytime soon.

Palodios3880d ago

Besides giving Microsoft more money... Why did we need Vista, exactly?
"Its more secure" doesn't negate the fact that operating systems are NEVER completely secure.

Percy3879d ago

why switch unless you have to have the new interface the average user will not use most of the features just like most people do not use the added stuff from xp home to xp pro.