Thirteen Wii U and 3DS Developers Discuss Nintendo’s Region Locking Policies

Emily Rogers asks various developers how they feel about the current debate over region locking on Nintendo platforms

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BlackWolf1641d ago

Good to see so many great devs resonating with the general thought on region locking. Hope Nintendo listens to the very blood that is and aims to nourish the Wii U and 3ds libraries, and remove the region-locking completely.

Brucis1641d ago

>Earlier this month, I also had a friendly discussion with two highly respected Kotaku writers/editors, Stephen Totilo and Jason Schreier.

They are NOT highly respected. Those two, in fact, are some of the most frequently mocked Kotaku guys. Then there's the implication that Kotaku is respected. Otherwise it was a pretty good article.

Einhert1641d ago

Region locking is just a really silly practice that alienates people who actually want to buy foreign products

admiralvic1641d ago

Think that is silly? I always laugh at how Japanese games (or every PlayStation one I have) says "For Japan Only" in English. It's like someone decided they should go out of their way to make sure I, the American, knows that I should not have this product.

admiralvic1641d ago

I would love to see Nintendo remove this, but I just can't see it happening. Not because Nintendo doesn't care or anything, but because of their dated practices. You see Nintendo using regionalized OS's (unlike Sony, which is universal) and they start to run into problems if you update a NTSC/U Wii with a NTSC/J update. Maybe they can fix this down the road, but I am still waiting for them to finally make the account system less of a joke.

ZeekQuattro1641d ago

Iwata thinks otherwise. Its not like 3rd parties are avoiding the system because it region locked. Theres no reason to reverse it ands it not worth squadering money and man hours to free it up for the select few that actually import. People will continue to say Nintendo is doomed and dated regardless in the end.

admiralvic1641d ago

Region Coding is actually fairly simple when compared to other fixes. All they need to do is set the firmware so it will accept NTSC/J and PAL codes. That's literally it (though regional OS's might cause problems) and coincidentally enough how modchips / piracy hacks typically work (They simply trick the system into thinking it has an accepted code and the drive in turn reads it).

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