Eidos Montreal founder: Square Enix makes great games, but needs to learn how to sell them

In the wake of an extraordinarily bad fiscal year for Square-Enix, the publisher, its studios and the Enix division were thrown into a panic-fueled turmoil that led to a confused, secretive new strategy for the embattled company, said recently departed Eidos Montreal founder Stephane D'Astous.

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Need4Game1823d ago


"Our Beloved Fans, please help us sell more Deus Ex : Human Revolution & Tomb Raider, so we can have the money to finish Thief"

jony_dols1823d ago

Both DE:HR & TR deserve to sell more. Both were great games.

CaptainYesterday1823d ago

I couldn't agree more I really want those games to get sequels Hitman Absolution too :)

elhebbo161823d ago

they at least deserve to sell more than cod.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1823d ago

Thief looks meh to me.

WE need a next Gen Deus Ex with a blue Overlay this time.

elhebbo161823d ago

thief: the dark project was awesome.

HammadTheBeast1823d ago

Maybe if SE wasn't blowing money on FF XIII they'd be doing better.

Type-0 localization alone would make them tons.

NovusTerminus1823d ago

SE can't seem to get their Japanese branch in order, much less an expanded US branch. They are getting better but have a long ways to go.

wishingW3L1823d ago

Square Enix as a publisher yes they have good games but as a maker they suck.

Roccetarius1823d ago

Squeenix used to have great games, but that's not the case anymore.