EA: Star Wars Battlefront series will alternate with Battlefield franchise

EA says that the Battlefront series will "alternate" with the Battlefield series pointing at installments every two years for the Star Wars IP, filling the void left by Medal of Honor.

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M-M1824d ago

Where is the source confirming this?

Crazyglues1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


Wenis1824d ago

Well I guess getting a new SWBF game every 2 years is better than getting one every 9 or 10 years

millgate11824d ago

Why is it EA out of all publishers? I should be happy, but they're going to milk it until we want no more. They'll release a tonne of DLC with content that should have been in the game from the start and hold back content for the next game instead of including it in the first game!
The only upside I can think of is that it's being made by DICE and they seem to be taking it seriously rather than treating it like a side project.

JunioRS1011824d ago

His source is... His imagination, oooo...

mrbojingles1824d ago

Actually the source is the conference call that is linked in the article

M-M1824d ago

Thanks for adding it, it wasn't there earlier.

BattleAxe1824d ago

Thanks for chipping in mrbojingles.

Jovanian 1824d ago

hey EA found its infinity ward/treyarch combo

HammadTheBeast1824d ago

Like two udders on a cow. And what comes out of udders?

ElementX1824d ago

Milk which is made into delicious ice cream and cheese

SilentNegotiator1824d ago

I get a little more worried every time I hear Battlefront news that they're going to treat it as another Battlefield and not as Battlefront. I know Battlefront was obviously just a shameless ripoff with Star Wars as the environment, but it still had a lot of major differences in how they played, especially Battlefront 2.

Why does every popular creator in a genre have to suddenly make EVERY one of those pieces? DICE is making Battlefront, the star trek director is making star wars, Nolan has to work on Man of Steel....that's why there's so much stagnation in modern entertainment.

logan_izer101824d ago

What the flip are you going on about?

SilentNegotiator1824d ago

Too many big IPs are being handled by too few of people.

How is that confusing to you, logan?

Hufandpuf1824d ago

I agree with your points. but I don't mind DICE at the helm of the Battlefront series because I feel that they are top qualified for the genre and that their dedication to quality is what makes their games so good.

And Battlefront being a ripoff of Battlefield is what I see as a plus because Battlefront is what got me into Battlefield games and since the games are so similar , DICE won't have too much trouble making it their own.

ifritAlkhemyst1824d ago

Here's to hoping that you let DICE make the first two I guess, then hand it off to someone else and let DICE make some new IP.

I hate how formerly glorious studios have been bought up by corporate conglomerates. The studios end up being like housewives shackled to the stove, with their owners demanding the same damn sandwich over and over again.

R_aVe_N1824d ago

Well they will there are two DICE teams so I guess you need to specify which one you want XD. There is DICE and DICE LA.

lolitspetey1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Fear not, it's being made by DICE Stockholm, LA will most likely handle the DLC

greatcrusader441824d ago


That's great news! I thought it was confirmed the LA studio was working on it (like I said a few comments down) but knowing Stockholm team is working on it makes me much more excited for it.

CrimsonStar1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Being bleed dry sounds promising ?

CrimsonStar1824d ago

Yea getting rammed by dlc , micro transactions , and yearly releases does sound like fun does it ?

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