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EA: Star Wars Battlefront series will alternate with Battlefield franchise

EA says that the Battlefront series will "alternate" with the Battlefield series pointing at installments every two years for the Star Wars IP, filling the void left by Medal of Honor. (PS4, Star Wars Battlefront, Xbox One)

M-M  +   453d ago
Where is the source confirming this?
guitarded77  +   453d ago
Here's the source.

Crazyglues  +   453d ago
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Wenis  +   453d ago
Well I guess getting a new SWBF game every 2 years is better than getting one every 9 or 10 years
millgate1  +   453d ago
Why is it EA out of all publishers? I should be happy, but they're going to milk it until we want no more. They'll release a tonne of DLC with content that should have been in the game from the start and hold back content for the next game instead of including it in the first game!
The only upside I can think of is that it's being made by DICE and they seem to be taking it seriously rather than treating it like a side project.
JunioRS101  +   453d ago
His source is... His imagination, oooo...
mrbojingles  +   453d ago
Actually the source is the conference call that is linked in the article
M-M  +   453d ago
Thanks for adding it, it wasn't there earlier.
BattleAxe  +   453d ago
Thanks for chipping in mrbojingles.
Jovanian  +   453d ago
hey EA found its infinity ward/treyarch combo
HammadTheBeast  +   453d ago
Like two udders on a cow. And what comes out of udders?
daggertoes83  +   453d ago
ElementX  +   453d ago
Milk which is made into delicious ice cream and cheese
SilentNegotiator  +   453d ago
I get a little more worried every time I hear Battlefront news that they're going to treat it as another Battlefield and not as Battlefront. I know Battlefront was obviously just a shameless ripoff with Star Wars as the environment, but it still had a lot of major differences in how they played, especially Battlefront 2.

Why does every popular creator in a genre have to suddenly make EVERY one of those pieces? DICE is making Battlefront, the star trek director is making star wars, Nolan has to work on Man of Steel....that's why there's so much stagnation in modern entertainment.
logan_izer10  +   453d ago
What the flip are you going on about?
SilentNegotiator  +   453d ago
Too many big IPs are being handled by too few of people.

How is that confusing to you, logan?
Hufandpuf  +   453d ago
I agree with your points. but I don't mind DICE at the helm of the Battlefront series because I feel that they are top qualified for the genre and that their dedication to quality is what makes their games so good.

And Battlefront being a ripoff of Battlefield is what I see as a plus because Battlefront is what got me into Battlefield games and since the games are so similar , DICE won't have too much trouble making it their own.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   453d ago
Here's to hoping that you let DICE make the first two I guess, then hand it off to someone else and let DICE make some new IP.

I hate how formerly glorious studios have been bought up by corporate conglomerates. The studios end up being like housewives shackled to the stove, with their owners demanding the same damn sandwich over and over again.
R_aVe_N  +   453d ago
Well they will there are two DICE teams so I guess you need to specify which one you want XD. There is DICE and DICE LA.
lolitspetey  +   453d ago
Fear not, it's being made by DICE Stockholm, LA will most likely handle the DLC

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greatcrusader44  +   453d ago

That's great news! I thought it was confirmed the LA studio was working on it (like I said a few comments down) but knowing Stockholm team is working on it makes me much more excited for it.
BabyTownFrolics  +   453d ago
Sounds promising
CrimsonStar  +   453d ago
Being bleed dry sounds promising ?
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BattleTorn  +   453d ago
Hallelujah! Great news!
CrimsonStar  +   453d ago
Yea getting rammed by dlc , micro transactions , and yearly releases does sound like fun does it ?
greatcrusader44  +   453d ago
So it'll replace Medal of Honor. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this new DICE studio in California that's making Battlefront consist of a lot of the people who made Medal of Honor?

I know people from the Main DICE developers are working on it too, I'm just wondering if a lot of the MoH devs went there as well.
R_aVe_N  +   453d ago
I believe DICE LA consist of the Medal of Honor team. Which is who I believe is working on Battlefront.
DeadlyFire  +   453d ago
Not according to this link. DICE Stockholm will be working on Battlefront. Not DICE LA. Also 75% of the people that worked on Medal of Honor got laid off. They didn't make a bad game, but they didn't make a great game either.
greatcrusader44  +   452d ago
Yeah I learned that a few hr's ago myself. It was said DICE LA would be working on Star Wars which is why me and so many people still believe they're the ones working on it. The story you linked wasn't as publicized so hopefully you can understand everyone's confusion, when EA said they're the star wars team we assumed it meant Battlefront, not just dlcs and expansions.
Brucis  +   453d ago
Please no. I don't want a Battlefront every other year, I want a Battlefront that actually had time and effort put into it. Please don't milk this, I want Battlefront to be good. Give it the dev time it needs, not the one that fits your wallet with the most money. I suppose that's too much to ask of EA, though.
elhebbo16  +   453d ago
a 2-3 year lifespan isnt bad imo. less than 2 would be milking.
coolasj  +   453d ago
You know what other kind of series came out with 2 years between them? The Uncharted series.
SegataSanshiro  +   452d ago
How dare you speak the truth in this site? And something that is against the Sony Reich? Tsk tsk tsk get ready for a visit from the n4g Gestapo
dcj0524  +   453d ago
I'm cool with that. Battlefield, battlefront, battlefield, battlefront. I just hope they both wont become recycled trash. With new starwars movies in 2015 theres tons of material to work with and for battlefield they can always go back to World war 2 or vietnam with the new features in BF4.
MizTv  +   453d ago
Ill take that over cod every year
StanSmith  +   453d ago
This is terrible news!

I bet Battlefront will ship with very few maps with us gamers getting screwed over by DLC and microtransactions!

God EA is getting on my nerves lately!
dcj0524  +   453d ago
Judge it when it comes out. Dice has a decent track record ( they just gotta learn how to properly find bugs )
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DeadlyFire  +   453d ago
Just don't buy it until the year after. Game of the Year edition with all the DLC comes out 1 year later. Buy Battlefield 4 Goty in 2014 and Star Wars Battlefront Goty in 2015
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   453d ago
So its replacing medal of honor in ea take down call of duty strategy.
Chapter11  +   453d ago
So Battlefront really is just going to be Battlefield. Whoopty freakin do
InTheZoneAC  +   453d ago
I will play TPS or FPS Battlefront over Battlefield or pretty much any other shooter available...
Skate-AK  +   453d ago
If that's true we probably won't see a Bad Conpany anytime soon. Bummer.
elhebbo16  +   453d ago
Im not sure about that, there is a high chance that the BF after Battlefront would be BC3. unless DICE surprise everything with BF2143.
Skate-AK  +   453d ago
Yeah I guess that is true. Didn't think of it like that.
DeadlyFire  +   453d ago
I believe its very likely BF2143 follows Battlefront. I wonder how they would follow up Battlefront itself though.
KillrateOmega  +   453d ago
Please don't stuff either of these franchises down our throats every other year. Give it some love in the development process instead of rushing it to meet some 2-year deadline just for the sake of milking the franchise for all it's worth.

I fear that we may be looking at a CoD-esque development/release strategy here.
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King-Prodigy-X  +   453d ago
Well, I want Battlefield 2143 in 2015
SIRHC13  +   453d ago
I thought a new Battlefront release in 2015 would make more sense, considering Episode VII is scheduled for a 2015 release, kind of like how Battlefront 2 coincided with Episode III.
King-Prodigy-X  +   453d ago
I keep getting the feeling JJ Abrams may delay Episode 7 seeing how he said not much about it a comic con but we'll see.
DeadlyFire  +   453d ago
Well EA has 3 teams aimed at Star Wars titles.

Bioware team - comprised of core KOTOR developers. Working on new IP. Possibly Knights of the New Republic(KOTNR)?

Visceral team - Action/adventure title like Star Wars 1313 maybe?

EA has plenty of room to push battlefront to tie into the movie maybe in a prequel type of deal. Considering the new cartoon series is around Episode 4 and Episode 5. They could tie in something happening in between films with various battles. Then follow up in their next Battlefront with timeline of the new films. They have a couple of different timelines they could utilize. I expect E3 2014 will be exciting debut.
younglj01  +   453d ago
So when will I see Bad Company 3?
jameson12345  +   453d ago
Why does everything from EA make me both happy and cringe at the same time? A long awaited sequel to a fan favorite franchise! Great! Wonderful!................ It's also gonna be franchise milked like every other AAA franchise. Ohhhh!!........Not so great.

Hopefully I'm completely wrong and every one of these games will be amazing and unique. I'm really hoping it doesn't end up sinking into the over populated first person shooter quagmire.

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