Nintendo at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 | See What The Public Had To Say About Their Games!

While the marketing for the Wii U hasn’t been stellar or even good at all (and we’ll talk about that in another article), it seems that at the times they do show Wii U to the public, the reaction is the same every time: People love it.

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MNGamer-N1677d ago

That's right. People love it. So set your inner fanboy aside, and buy a WiiU and enjoy.

Godmars2901677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Still waiting for Xenoblade 2.

And a price drop at this point, since said point has yet to happen.

R00bot1677d ago

X is basically Xenoblade 2.

LOL_WUT1677d ago

I would agree if it was 2014 btw Metallica @ comic con ;)

chente00251677d ago

@MNGamer-N looks like some guy that's to poor to buy a Wii U disliked your comment bro. Lol

Darkfist1677d ago

cut the price then i'll buy wiiu

chente00251677d ago

got another poor person over here! Lol

awesomeabe19981677d ago

I love my Wii U but im a little bit worried about the third parties. Actually not really I have a PS3 for those. Wii U (primary) + PS3 (secondary) = Awesome first parties and a bit if third parties.

AceBlazer131677d ago

Wii u is on my to get list especially since its backwards compatible lots of Wii games I need to catch up on but not much Wii u games interest me though.I always thought Nintendo was at a point where no one loved it but no one hated it either that's my opinion but with the Wii u I see it being bashed a lot so I think Nintendo is doing something wrong

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