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How Game Creators Are Using The Power Of Xbox One

Xbox One will usher in a new generation of games, and at Comic-Con International: San Diego, developers from some of the most celebrated gaming studios in the world gathered to show fans how they’re doing just that. Featuring talent from Rare, Ltd., Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft Studios and Capcom Vancouver, the panel focused on how teams are leveraging the unique abilities of the console to create experiences that enhance and evolve the way games are played. (Xbox One)

allformats  +   854d ago
That's good, and all in all gamers win. But let it be known, Microsoft, we won't forget the stunt you tried to pull over our heads.

And as for me, Kinect is preventing me from buying the thing.
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JokesOnYou  +   854d ago
Well you didn't lose anything right? I should be more upset because despite the used game drm, after I found out more about their direction I felt like in the longterm things like being always connected would have been more beneficial overall for future games, game sharing was definitely better for me than selling games(which you could still do), so I lost and you won and I get the fact some don't want to be connected= ok cool but acting as if it was personal when more important than I am is childish especially when you they did reverse it for you.

The good news is Kinect is still there, which seperates the X1 from ps4, I think many are jealous of what they are doing with kinect and thats the real reason why they want microsoft to make Kinect optional to be more like ps4, I dont want it to be a ps4. No worries though with Kinect being intergrated in every facet of their strategy, and now Microsoft recently tweeting preorder sales are high fortunately on this ONE I get what I want.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   854d ago
Totally jealous of the Kinnect(-to-the-NSA) marketing analysis camera.

Colzer01  +   854d ago
^You're jealous because PSEye will not sells, and will be forgotten like its predecessor.

Kinect is another case, many core games already supported it, even Akihiro Hino (CEO of Level-5), Hideo Kojima, and Shinji Mikami are interested in Kinect.


with Kinect already becomes mandatory, there's gonna a bright future for this tech. Even Microsoft already started the R&D that can makes us can touch the "3D object" from Kinect

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Skips  +   854d ago

"You're jealous because PSEye will not sells, and will be forgotten like its predecessor."

Move sold 15 million with a few low budget Kevin Butler Ads here and there.

Kinect had to have a massive FIVE HUNDRED MILLION marketing Ad campaign to make it to 20 million.




On Sony not putting too much focus on the camera... Meaning more core games and less motion gaming shovelware down the line??? COUNT ME IN!
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Kanzes  +   854d ago
Did the old sales matter? I thought the new Kinect is mandatory, and the new Eyetoy isn't. And that's really gonna make a difference in the future, but in cost, people are gonna be suspicious by MS because the Prism and NSA thing.

For me, I don't really mind it wether is true or not, I have nothing to hide. I already live with almost 3-4 mandatory camera on my devices now, so 1 additional camera won't be a problem for me
JokesOnYou  +   854d ago
@Skips, sorry but that's for each individual move controller, considering motion games tend to lean on the side of party type games then you need at least two for a multiple players and even some games require two controllers to play so those sales aren't impressive. Kinect on the other hand is 1 per household with over 24mil sold. Hate it or love it more folks just preferred Kinect.
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GameNameFame  +   854d ago
Cloud is just marketing BS.

MS is offering dedicated servers. Its been used for a decade. Nothing special...just a super marketing to cover up weaker spec.
JustPlay4  +   854d ago
Kinect 2.0 is no different then old one, if it is can so one tell me what make that so because I can't see it. FYI I want ps4 but I don't want a ps eye or ps move just saying

And the xbox fans need to get over the Cloud. No one can use it unless you have the best internet on the planet or you will get lag.

Now for all they say ms has better exclusives, let look back at the 360 how many new ip's have they had in the last 5 to 6 years (a full list not just halo, gears of war, and forza)
Skips  +   854d ago

But with each 1 or 2, you'd need a camera. So that'd be like what? 7-10 million cameras sold? Considering they obviously wouldn't even function without them.

"to play so those sales aren't impressive."

Not sure how you can downplay those numbers considering all Move had were nothing but low budget Kevin Butler ads in comparison to Microsoft's absolutely MASSIVE FIVE HUNDRED MILLION $ marketing campaign. lol. It would be a complete no brainer for Kinect to sell more. I'm just surprised it didn't sell NEARLY as much than I thought it would have with that kind of marketing budget.

"Hate it or love it more folks just preferred Kinect."

I don't think it's because they "preferred" it. I think MS's drop in core support would probably be the reason for it "success".

When you don't have many NEW exclusives to play. What else are you gonna do on it? lol


^ Not sure if you missed this article... But it was a good read. Shows just how much MS preferred motion gaming over core games...

Here's a pic.

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inveni0  +   853d ago
Are people seriously claiming that there are gamers who are jealous of Kinect?


JokesOnYou  +   853d ago
YES, very seriously....and its alot of the same ones who hated this entire gen on the 360 now stealth trolling like they want an X1. Its so transparent they just want Kinect removed because they are jealous of Microsoft actually being creative and taking risks with its popular xbox brand which I think many never expected. lol, I remember when some said it was the used game policy, now of course its just Kinect, yeah riiight. Micro is committed to and now they are evolving their vision of Kinect so many who dismissed it (some for valid reasons) are now taking notice with positive impressions= its in the media spotlight, core gamers are more interested. Some of course can't deal with this happening, envy breeds jealousy, xbox fans know what I'm talking about thats why got plenty of agrees on n4g which is unusual for obvious reasons. So to answer your questions question YES, those folks on n4g (the internet) I'm speaking about are definitely jealous of kinect.
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UnHoly_One  +   853d ago

"When you don't have many NEW exclusives to play. What else are you gonna do on it?"

I'll play all the multiplatform games using the superior controller and MUCH superior online service, that's what I'll be doing. lol

You guys seem to forget that there is more to a console than "OMGZ, EXCLUSIVES!!!!!1!1!!".

I buy both consoles, so I don't miss out on anything, but then when it comes to the stuff I can do on either console, I do it on Xbox because Xbox is quite simply a better experience than Playstation.

Better controller, better online, better integration with my phone, or the web, or whatever. Pretty much just better at EVERYTHING.

But that's just my opinion, and I'll happily take all the disagrees I get for saying it.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   853d ago
Playstation consoles have had cameras since PS2 and as Colzer01 said himself, they are forgetabel and never sold very well... Wait, despite having the option for a camera all along, we still don't buy it. What in that make you think we're somehaw jealous of Kinect? More like we don't care about this crap, specially don't care to pay 100 USD more.
JokesOnYou  +   853d ago
bishop nobody is denying what ps2 had and I'm not saying everybody loves Kinect my point is simple, its not that ps fans cant buy a ps eye if they like but there is a clear difference in comittment and vision between each company. Now I think its completely fine for sony to say hey the controller is what we are sticking with because its a great way to play games= it works and nothing wrong if you support that, hell I do too. Now at the same time there are alot of ps fanboys, who don't want micro to be successful with a vision that says yeah the controller is the main device for interaction but we are going to incorporate Kinect we THINK it works, they are afraid/jealous/envious of this thinking because it just might be really engaging/sucessfull so they follow kinect desperately trying to convince others they should think as they do, its not rocket science if you constantly follow a product, a team, a company, a rock band you claim to hate only to say hey you guys music sucks, really you're just jealous of their success I think the cool term/description of people like that is also known as haters.
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Urusernamesucks  +   854d ago
Cant remember tho, it never happened :/
corvusmd  +   854d ago
Oh blah blah ...why do people keep blaming MS for this "Stunt that MS pulled"? You guys do understand that Sony was (and still is on vita and Sony Tv) pulling the exact same "stunt" they just reversed policy before E3...right? It seems that there is this unfounded notion(among PS Fanboys) out there that MS is intentionally trying to screw its customers....yup that seems like the model of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Work your way to the top so you can make tons of money and be successful, then piss off all your customers. This kind of talk just instantly lets me know this person is a fanboy or clearly not paying attention
NeoTribe  +   853d ago
Sony didn't change anything pre e3. Your fanboy brain wants to convince yourself they did just so you don't stay mad at your beloved Microsoft. Sony said waaaay before e3 they wernt blocking used games.
Trekster_Gamer  +   853d ago
Sony has no room to say MS pulled this or that. When they was trying to sell people on the PS3 there was 2 strong selling points they kept pushing

PS2 backward compatibility.. they reversed that in a big hurry!

What about dual booting ??? They took that away as well!

MS did nothing but add features to the Dashboard!

Sony is to be trusted?

What about the time they was down for so long and then took 3 weeks to let people know there credit card info had been compromised???
edgeofsins  +   853d ago
Sony was looking into it but they never thought of actually going through with it. Both huge differences. Just like they thought of going with Nvidia but never went through with that.

And what they found from thinking about it is that it is wrong for the customer and therefore wrong for the company credibility and profit.
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ovnipc  +   854d ago
kinect will have great funcionallities. for me its a plus, voice commands, order a pizza just giving a voice command wile plying cod or any other game thats great. recognize user s i dont have to re map controller. hell yea..
NeoTribe  +   853d ago
Your not gonna be able to order a pizza and play cod at the same time with that Kinect crap. You dream these little scenerios up in your head and when it actually comes time to use the Kinect youll realize it runs like complete trash again. Microsoft released Kinect games that were BROKEN, and pretty much unplayable. What makes you think all of a sudden this thing is gonna cook you breakfast while giving you a hummer. GTFO.
quenomamen  +   854d ago
Fanboys already forgot they where bent over a chair.
PS3PWNSALL  +   853d ago
You were never getting one in the first place @allformats
headblackman  +   853d ago
spoken like a true PlayStation fanbot
Need4Game  +   854d ago
Don't use it too much, leave enough power for smooth framerate.
iNathan  +   854d ago
i really want the X1 along with Ps4
i think both will be amazing devices but please no mandatory Kinect
Prcko  +   854d ago
y,plz no kinect!
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ovnipc  +   854d ago
you are one of does that fallow the wagon. Idiot.
YodaCracker  +   854d ago
Kinect sets the XB1 apart from the PS4. It gives it a unique identity. I'm all for the Kinect. Without it, both consoles are pretty much the same. Kinect is an integral part of the console and if it's not included in the box they might as well not bother at all because developers won't take advantage of it and every feature has to be designed with the knowledge that some players won't be able to use it.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   854d ago
They can still include it in the box and not require it to be plugged in for the console to operate, which (sans a Kinnect-less SKU) is all people are asking for.

...theoretically, of course. They might have done something stupid like put the WiFi hardware inside the Kinnect. We won't know until they tell us why it can't be unplugged (should be a simple question to answer... odd that they haven't done so), or until it's released and someone cracks it open.

Edit: @disagrees... simple question: why (or why not)?
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Colzer01  +   854d ago
PS4 just PS3 with steroids
KillrateOmega  +   854d ago

The Xbox One is just the Xbox 360 on steroids...

Now, do you see how ignorant that made me sound? Lesson learned.
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Hei-senberg  +   854d ago
Xbox got cloud and kinect..I think, that what makes different to PS4
rainslacker  +   854d ago
Don't get me wrong, Kinect is a interesting device, and has some interesting uses both in and out of gaming, but shouldn't it be the games which set a console apart from the other? Kinect is really just an input device, and a motion control one at that. I seem to recall how most everyone thought the wii-mote, which was included in every box, and was a gimmick, then the move, then the original kinect.

So why now all of a sudden is motion control gaming the cool thing to have? Has everyone lost their memory and forgot that the Kinect is at it's core a motion control input device?

I dunno, maybe I'm just missing something, because before the X1 reveal I don't recall the Kinect or any motion control device receiving that much love on here or other forums.

Lets face it, most people on here clamoring for Kinect are still going to go with the tried and true controller. It is the most efficient and precise way to control games given how they are developed.

To close out perhaps you can also answer how the Kinect will actually improve or innovate on game play, since for the most part motion control on consoles has failed to prove it's worth this past gen. MS also wasn't too keen to show it's worth at their E3 conference either, which leaves me with lingering doubts.
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trafalger  +   854d ago
"Kinect is a interesting device, and has some interesting uses both in and out of gaming, but shouldn't it be the games which set a console apart from the other?"

its the games and the experience. they can go hand and hand.

"So why now all of a sudden is motion control gaming the cool thing to have? Has everyone lost their memory and forgot that the Kinect is at it's core a motion control input device?"

because we may finally see the potential. the wii brought a whole new interest but was limited to its application and ability. now we can do things as simple as knowing whos playing and mapping your controller preference without any signing in and out. or we can use its gesture based features in a much more accurate way now.

"Lets face it, most people on here clamoring for Kinect are still going to go with the tried and true controller. It is the most efficient and precise way to control games given how they are developed."

we will have various options and some games may very well be kinect only. we need to evaluate each game on its own merits.

"MS also wasn't too keen to show it's worth at their E3 conference either, which leaves me with lingering doubts."

then continue to doubt, that is your prerogative. others will be more optimistic, that is their choice. either way nobody knows yet until its out. what we do know now is its 10 times as accurate and the camera is integrated into the system. it will automatically detect who you are and sign you in if you want it to. you could even hold up a code to it and have it automatically scan the item and not have to manually input the code for xbl membership cards for example. or you can look at your side mirrors while playing a racing game and have it track your head movement. there are many possibilities and with the new technology now they can be applied in a more meaningful way.
THC CELL  +   854d ago
Xbox one should use the tv feature in game like walk Upto a tv in game and put it on.
Becuzisaid  +   854d ago
Now THAT is a pretty sweet idea!
elhebbo16  +   854d ago
or the in-game tv show's you playing the game, and in the game your using the in-game tv... TV inception.
XboxFun  +   854d ago
Excellent article, the Xbox One will be a beast of a machine. Loving the Dead Rising 3 part, can't wait to get this game day one.
D-riders  +   854d ago
yeah great MS. but still not sold you guys are full of bs
CrimsonStar  +   854d ago
lol yea it is great , xboox1 day 1 baby !!!!!
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   854d ago
I will wait to see everything before I believe it from Microsoft.
theWB27  +   854d ago
Can I ask you what Microsoft has actually lied about? An actual lie, not a reversal on plans that hadn't been implemented, but actually lie.
Elit3Nick  +   854d ago
I know right? MS has never lied about anything with the X1, just more fanboy nonsense that can't be backed up
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   854d ago
They promised games games games and they did that with the 360, but gave up core gamers support with exclusives after years.

I want to see that they continue with putting out high quality exclusives and not just drop em once they have people reeled in
jessupj  +   853d ago
Just from the agress and disagree everyone's getting, this story seems to be filled with ms fanboys.

But anyone, it's been confirm by many tech experts that MSs claim that the cloud makes every X1 one the equvilant of 3 X1s is utter and absolute BS.

That's just one off the top of my head. There'd be many more if I did my research.

I can't understand why so many people would blindly defend a company that plainly doesn't care about games.
theWB27  +   854d ago
Quantity does not equal quality. They can look over at Sony and say, hey we see they're releasing these exclusives but how many of them are actually selling.

Out of All the exclusives that Sony has released over this gen, only 17 have sold over 1 million copies since launch.

Comparisons sake- The 360's top 17 exclusives since launch have sold over 72 million copies.

Sony's have sold 58.44 million.(Their other exclusives haven't sold a million copies.)

Isn't that startling to you that with the girth of exclusives they release and yet Sony people don't buy them. They brag and then don't support.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   854d ago
Something you totally overlook by mentioning just sales. First Xbox is known for shooters which means it has a more narrow audience for games, also Xbox was founded on halo so of course halo will sell well and it's a great game it should.

But honestly and seriously as much as Xbox fanboys may hate me for saying all this it is the truth.

Sony has always had a huge diverse crowd and a huge diverse audience, Playstation has had so many franchises that people flock to and they aren't just shooters.

Name Xbox exclusives that AREN'T shooters that have done well in not only sales, but media acclaim, reviews, and goty contenders/winners and I will be waiting for that list btw.

Don't get me wrong I love my halo and gears of war but after that Microsoft don't really offer me anything that has a "wow" factor.

Where is microsofts exclusive, action adventure, rpg/jrpg, etc?

Now I really don't want to have to list all Sony exclusives but i will say this, Sony has the better quality and diverse games it shows, they get better scores,media acclaim and have way more goty contenders/winners than Xbox.

Not one single Xbox game has overtaken uncharted 2 throne but yet last of us a new IP that came out in summer drought has topped all expectations has recieved beyond expectations and is the most acclaimed game and set the bar for future games. Last of us is a gem hate or love it is the truth and I haven't even had to name other games.

I'm not trying to trash or dog on Xbox but its the simple truth whether you want to believe it or not. Sony has topped Microsoft the last 2 gens with quality and quantity and Microsoft needs to prove otherwise.
rainslacker  +   854d ago
Sony's line up is very diverse, and very few of their first party games are of low quality. MS was that way for the first 4-5 years of the 360's life, either through paid exclusives or 1st party content, mostly high quality and a nice steady stream. However the past few years it's been the staple franchises, along with a bunch of Kinect stuff.

Quite personally I could give a rats ass if a game sells upwards of 5-10 million. If it's a fun game, then it's worth playing, and Sony has pushed out more NEW quality IP's these past two year than MS has put out AAA big name exclusives. That doesn't even include Sony's own staple franchises.

So yeah, they may not sell as much, but the quality and quantity is there. Sony's problem with selling the same number of titles(which I'll take your word on since I don't care to look it up) is due more to the lack of marketing. Given how much MS puts into marketing, I would hope they sell more to recoup that investment. In the meantime I'll play a wide variety of games and spread the word if they're good.

What I get from your comment is, the games don't matter, the sales do.
elhebbo16  +   854d ago
at least Sony gives variety to the people, even knowing that that game wont sell over 1 million. compared to typical corparate actions of EA/Activison/MS "If it sells good, keep on milking it".
ColeMacGrath  +   854d ago
And what made you think PS3's exclusives aren't quality? Did you play all of them? Sales don't represent the quality of a game, it only supports the developer to bring MORE quality games, for example, look at LittleBigPlanet 2, almost everyone loved that game, and its one of my favorite exclusives as well, look at the reviews and see for yourself, but how many copies did it sell? 400k. But after all I agree that not all PS3 exclusives are quality-made, some of them had issues, but that doesn't mean the others are bad..
Hicken  +   853d ago
Well, you're wrong about that "only 17" bit, and even VGChartz will prove that much.

20 exclusives at 2 million or higher on PS3, with another 19 at a million or more but not 2, and 10 more over 800k. Of them, 2 were Move games, 3 were SingStar, 2 were Buzz quiz games(just to note the casual stuff).

24 exclusives at 2 million or more on 360, with another 14 at a million or more but not 2, and 7 more over 800k. Of them, 14 were Kinect.

49 for PS3.
45 for 360.

That's based on my line of +800k being successful(which, of course, it isn't for all games). And a million is still good sales, though it may not be enough to be deemed successful, depending on how much was spent on it(I'm looking at YOU, Tomb Raider).

You start off by saying "quantity does not equal quality," then use the quantity of sales as your criteria. Sorta destroys that argument, don't you think?
theWB27  +   854d ago
As much as you don't want it to. Sells definitely matter. Because if no one is playing the game, then what does it matter? I mean really...they release these GOTY, critically acclaimed games in order to be played and PS players don't support them in that capacity. You can talk about shooters...how many of their critically acclaimed games don't come from ND?

15 million of those sales I gave you were from GT5 and Prologue alone. The Uncharted series made up another 10 million almost. The Last of Us is from Naughty Dog.

You can't tell me to take away a genre and then compare. Each system is strong in different areas, we both know that. If I told you to take away Naughty Dog..then what?

God of War and Uncharted are the main games on PS that give me a wow factor. Haven't got to the Last of Us yet.

Micro doesn't need to top Sony is quantity because we see Sony's quantity isn't being supported the way it should. On the other hand...Xbox owners are supporting the exclusives they get.

I love it how Sony's low sales are always blamed on bad marketing. Kevin Butler was as big a marketing device, if not the biggest, this gen. His commercials were hugely popular and gamers knew who he was. Marketing is a moot point.

Do you only buy exclusive games? How many do you buy? If you got that from my comment then you interpreted it wrong. What you should've got from my comment is this.

If Sony releases 30 exclusives, Micro releases 15 but Micro sales more then that means the Sony exclusives aren't being supported. What since does that make? That means gamers are spread too thin. Just like sales is just a number, so are the amount of exclusives if they aren't being supported. Which is the distinct case when it comes to Playstation.
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Lovable  +   854d ago
TH3 pOwA oF Th3 C3Ll...Oh wait....
Kanzes  +   854d ago
I don't get it
kewlkat007  +   854d ago
"In fighting games, players like to map their buttons all over the controller, Lobb explained. So when playing “Killer Instinct,” once you make a profile and set your preferred button configuration, Kinect will instantly recognize when you’re holding the controller and map the buttons accordingly, even if it’s in the middle of a match. "

That awesome, I remember when I used to play Super Street Fighter 2 for the SNES, I used to use X, L, Y, A, B, R as my config and had to change it every time...with multiple players at my house that sucked.

The Kinect 2 implementations will only grow with the console since, it is part of the hardware experience. I wonder if Microsoft will take recommendations from gamers..
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Electric-flamingo  +   854d ago
*que the Sony fanboys and ps4 articles*
xActionBasturdx  +   854d ago
I honestly feel sorry for people who are too biased to even consider getting the X1. Those features are too good to not consider getting the X1. I'm really looking forward to playin Deadrising 3 and forza 5. Deadrising is going to be beast.
LogicStomper  +   854d ago
It's like standing atop a mountain, the admirers would look out to the distance while the pessimists will only look at the rubbish bin.
ShwankyShpanky  +   854d ago
I honestly feel sorry for people that are too biased and myopic to understand the implications of a net-connected facial/voice-recognition camera/microphone being promoted to the public by a PRISM pioneer.

Cue "tin foil hat," "scared of progress," "cellphones, laptops, tablets," "I'm not doing anything illegal," "you can turn it off," blah blah blah.

Denial and false equivalency will get you so far in life, but it won't get you an authentic understanding of the world.
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dcj0524  +   854d ago
Good to see microspft in a good light. Personally I see more value in the PS4 but good to see the competition is actual competion (5th&6th gen).
JunioRS101  +   854d ago
I'm honestly disappointed that "Drivatar" is the most impressive thing they can come up with.

They brag about it almost as if they think we're too stupid to notice that it really isn't that impressive considering it was already attempted this generation. It's nothing ground-breaking, although it is cool, and it makes me wonder, is that the only thing The Cloud can do??
clevernickname  +   853d ago
In reality, yes, that is essentially what the cloud can do. Aggregate the data and then use that data to create AI opponents that have real world strengths and weaknesses, just like a human opponent.

The power of the cloud is in the data, data that can be used to create more realistic, persistent worlds. The cloud is not going increase texture fill rates, polygon counts, physics calculations, processing power, or any other such nonsense. If you believe that then you are swallowing Microsoft's marketing PR bullshit and not thinking straight.
JunioRS101  +   853d ago
Yeah, I've read plenty of articles going in-depth about the Cloud, and they've all come back saying the same, disappointing thing:

It can't do anything that changes in real-time.

And to me, that sounds extremely limited.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   854d ago
Well its no secret that developers are choosing the xbox one for its graphical power and technology. two of Japans most prominent game developers have spoken Kojima and shinji preferring the xbox one. Technology.
#14 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
ovnipc  +   854d ago
wow people understanding x1. this its new, people finally getting out of the ps4 bus and understanding the good features the x1 has to offer. :) everyone can have their own opinion but dont fallow the stupid masses. X1 and ps4 both r great consoles, we as gamers should not compete to which one its better let the sharcks m$ and Sony kill eachother we benefit from it.
walkincarpet  +   854d ago
This is just the beginning. I remember the first time picking up a N64 controller and playing Mario 64 at Toys R Us - gaming transformed instantly. There have been many great games since then but they haven't fundamentally changed since that day...until now. Sony took the gamble of removing PS Eye camera to lower the cost but either way they are going to get smashed because Kinect 2 crushes the eye anyway. MS is revving up an engine that will take hard core and casual gamers to completely NEW levels of fun. Not to say PS4 won't have great exclusives... but that is all they will have while MS is going to evolve gaming. Some Kinect specific games like D4 have potential to be ground breaking, but I'm equally looking forward to how more subtle uses of kinect greatly enhance controller based games like dead rising 3.

Thank you MS for pushing the technology of gaming. First Xbox Live and now a dedicated Kinect 2 and cloud.
slampunk  +   854d ago
Like some others, i think it's a good things that the PS4 and XB1 are different beasts.....

MS with kinect offers a point of difference which i think will assist post launch if it gets support. Apps could be big next gen for MS especially with Kinect 2 getting a PC release down the line......

I'm getting both but i've thought about friends coming over and seeing both consoles for the first time.....which would they pick if i showed them the two? or which would they talk about the next day? (based off not knowing about specs, ram, cloud, DRM etc)

I think they would probably choose the XB1 due to it offering something a bit more progressive with kinect, voice recognition, skype, hand gestures etc......The wii caught the attention of a huge percentage of "casual gamers" and i think the XB1 has the potential to do the same especially since the Wii U hasn't done very well......if they do strike some good deals with TV, still release a steady flow of core games as well as some more casual experiences they could certainly be a force to be reckoned with....

This is certainly not taking away from the PS4 as I'm looking forward to their first party games as always.....

Time will tell i guess.......bring on next gen !!!!
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illtownNJONE  +   853d ago
wait til we start getting the milo type games or games where the a.i is cloud powered and they respond to us like real humans
NeoTribe  +   853d ago
These features are nothing special. Nobody is buying a windows phone to use that glass crap.
vigilante_man  +   853d ago
Multi platform games will not use Kinnect because PS4 does not insist on PS Eye. They will me made pretty much the same.

MS have to ship Kinnect if they make a massive TV Ad push towards XB1 as a living room device. That must be their short-medium term focus. Most games won't need it but the TV features will.

Not my cup of tea but at least we have a choice, I guess.

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