SDCC: Assassins Creed IV Real-Life Jackdaw Pirate Ship Tour

At San Diego Comic Con 2013, Ubisoft converted a real-life Star of India ship built in 1863 into the Jackdaw from Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. Check out this exclusive tour of the windjammer ship.

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DDDGirlGamer851767d ago

AC3 was boring hopefully they fixed that problem in Ac4

gamerlive1767d ago

This was a really cool ship and smart marketing opp at SDCC.

NewJersian1767d ago

Looks like there was some pretty interesting things to do aboard the ship. Getting a Pirate Picture and checking out the weapons would be something I would have to do.

Einhert1767d ago

Hope as much money went into getting a good script, story and character penned.