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Submitted by Scholla 860d ago | opinion piece

I have a rule…single player first, then multiplayer — whats yours?

SchollA from Console ControllUs writes:
Playing The Last of Us (day one purchase) single player campaign I was probably not even a 4th of the way in and I received an invite from one of my PSN friends inviting me to the games’ multiplayer mode, that invite soon turned to two, three, maybe even four; from other PSN friends. As the invitee I had to tell all the inviters the same; “I’m still playing single player but as soon as I finish I’ll join you”. That’s when the realization hit me once again on what type of gamer I am. (PC, PS3, The Last Of Us, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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CaptainYesterday  +   860d ago
Yup I'm the exact same play through the single player get used to the controls then start the multiplayer. I too kept getting a crazy amount of invites I kept saying let me finish the game I was trying to take my time with it. The multiplayer is really great frustrating at times but I like that :)
xHeavYx  +   860d ago
Normally I play SP first, but my gaming TV broke just before I got TLOU, so I played the multiplayer until I got my new TV
Scholla  +   860d ago
SMART MAN!!! I probably wouldve did the same.
MuleKick  +   860d ago
Single player first always. And all possible trophies before multi-player.
himdeel  +   860d ago
SP first them mp is usually my rule. Although I did break this rule once and only once with the Red Dead Redemption mp.

I'm afraid of getting spoilers from douche bags if I play the mp before finishing the sp.
t0mmyb0y  +   860d ago
Same here. If you play the MP before SP sometimes you get hooked and wont even try the SP lol
59fifty  +   860d ago
I played till i saw the first clickers, then played multiplayer a few days then traded the game in :D *prepares to get thumbed down* I just kept the stickers.
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Scholla  +   860d ago
Because you're scared or because you didn't like it?
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PersonMan  +   860d ago
I let my friend from work borrow The Last of Us. He got to the part where you first battle a room with a bunch of runners and the one clicker (from the end of the demo). He couldn't beat that one part, so he gave up and gave the game back to me the next day.

The Last of Us just isn't for everybody I guess.
Tapewurm  +   860d ago
Always finish the Single Player campaign first. Multiplayer is just the icing on the cake.
Krew_92  +   860d ago
People usually always go for the icing first though haha. In all seriousness for me single player first is always a must. I know a lot of people who would rather play online first though.
Docknoss  +   860d ago
Single player on a adventure game yes, Single player on a FPS nope
SnotyTheRocket  +   860d ago
Depends on the game. If it's Naughty Dog game, Assassin's Creed or Metal Gear Solid (yah know, story based games), then yes, Singleplayer first. But if it's a multiplayer game, like Battlefield or something, where you buy the game for the MP, then Multiplayer first.
Prcko  +   860d ago
same here
nothing can beat some crazy good story imo
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abzdine  +   860d ago
same for me, except for FPS! I love killzone multiplayer so much more than SP campaign.
iamnsuperman  +   860d ago
I always play the single player first and it isn't to get used to the controls. I do it because I want to see how talented the developers are at creating an interesting and meaningful story/experience. It is where I can lose myself in someones imaginary world. Its like any film, TV, book, play. It is nice to feel apart of a story that you wouldn't normally feel apart of. Not just trying to do X objective online for random people who you really do not care for. It is why I play it first. The multiplayer (for me) is just to get more for my money.

I feel multiplayer is quite easy to be fun. It needs to follow some set rules. Single player is another ball game. I always say the best developers are the ones who create the best single player experiences.
strotee  +   860d ago
Coming from a person who does not play MP games, I wish one could get a platinum without having to play multi-player. I have all the single-player trophies but odds are I'll never get a platinum since it requires playing the MP. Damn you Naughty Dog lol
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Dunpeal  +   860d ago
I hear ya. Except that these aren't all that difficult compared to some other games, which require you to shoot down an enemy between his eyes, upside down, in a crouch position during a 2 second window
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   860d ago
Actually, TLOU multiplayer trophies can be quite hard if you don't play with friends (or, at least, pick your battles), cause getting your clan to survive 12 weeks not only consumes a lot of time but also require some good results (specially when you suffer a rival faction attack and can basically miss your whole clan) and you have to do it twice (one for each faction). In comparison, to platinum Uncharted 2 or 3 all you had to do in multiplayer is finish some few matches.
Clover904  +   860d ago
Strotee, the multiplayer trophies are not hard at all. If you have a mic I'd be happy to play with you. I'm TERRIBLE at online shooters, but this game is all about planning and teamwork, not perfect aim and a quick trigger finger. I've already gone through the 12 weeks four times. The mp is a lot of fun once you learn the mechanics.
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GamingAngelGabriel  +   860d ago
Even with multiplayer-focused games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, I always want to finish the campaign. Even if I never play the campaign again, I have it hovering over my head if I go to multiplayer before I beat it.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   860d ago
It depends on what kind of game and is it more renown for its single player or multiplayer.

Games like uncharted,last of us, Mgs, etc will always be played on SP first

Then games like halo,killzone,battlefield,etc will be MP first
pyramidshead  +   860d ago
spot on.
bub16  +   860d ago
coudnt agree more. how else will you know the buttons and what each thing does :P

Also gives u a good feel of how the game plays
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ricochetmg  +   860d ago
Tlou multi player is what Socom should have been
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Summons75  +   860d ago
Same here, especially in today's online era where children scream out spoilers.
Gigaguy777  +   860d ago
My rule is avoid games with One Hit Deaths as the only way to be challenged.
B1uBurneR  +   860d ago
I bought halo reach 2 weeks after it's release and played mostly the multiplayer then finished the campaign a month before halo 4 released. I did the complete opposite with C.O.D games. I guess its based on the game. then again I like to F:ck my girls before I date them "shrugs"
Petro  +   860d ago
For me it has always been about having fun with bunch of friends, so for me gaming is mostly multiplayer. Very rarely I do buy single player only games or finish them if I do happen to buy one. :P I'm ashamed to say that I bought The Last of Us but I haven't finished it, but I consider this as supporting a awesome developer. :) I need to add that I rarely play FPS games nor do I play MMO games.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   860d ago
i think games like battlefield are better off focusing on their mp aspect, personally. i think it depends on the game though~ most people who bought bf3 or are going to buy bf4 are going in for the mp. games like uncharted and tlou are better when focusing on sp. mp should never be tacked on at the expense of sp though o3o
Bathyj  +   860d ago
Single player first. Multiplayer never.
Campy da Camper  +   860d ago
Totally agree. After mp got bombarded by children and douce bags I started just being a sp gamer. Last good mp romp was rainbow 6.
dcj0524  +   860d ago
Depends. If its battlefield. Multiplayer first. Metal gear solid: story of course. I've seen a trend: single player focused games tend to have better stories than multiplayer games. I wonder why . ..
kma2k  +   860d ago
I have gamefly my rule is like this:

Single player first, put back in envelope & mail back.

I have enjoyed mulitplayer on two games this gen Gears(horde mode) & Assassins Creed
truechainz  +   860d ago
depends on the game for me, but mostly single player
T2  +   860d ago
depends on the game... In the case of COD or BF, I have yet to play ONE single player mission. Seriously I could write the script myself, they are all the same. Nothing compares to messing with real live human opponents, computer AI is terrible.
If it's like uncharted, SP first then MP....
vividi  +   860d ago
Foxgod  +   860d ago
My rule is, Singleplayer, screw Multiplayer.
Riderz1337  +   860d ago
It all depends on the game I'm playing. If it's Call of Duty then I always Multi player first, but for a game like The Last of Us I went straight into the Single Player. I didn't even look at the multi player lol the first thing I saw was "new game".
slampunk  +   860d ago
It depends on the game for me......and i like it when a game developer states what it's specialty is from the get go....I'm getting back into

BF, COD are games that are basically purchased for the MP / online component as will Titan fall and destiny.....

The last of us, uncharted and bioshock infinite are games i have purchased for SP....

Not many games pull off both IMO.....Halo for me is one that does, especially H2 & 3..... On that note i cant wait to see what Bungie do with Destiny!!!!
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karl  +   860d ago
yep.. dont even touch the MP sometimes...
need to trade the game in and it need the mp code.. which i wouldnt enjoy anyway.. im not interested in MP

but i do check it out of it looks interesting on youtube
TacoBurrito  +   860d ago
Usually if its a sequel like COD, I will play some MP and SP during day one. If its a new IP, then I will play SP to get used to controls.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   860d ago
I haven't even touched the multiplayer yet in tlou...I'll get around to it tho.
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_QQ_  +   860d ago
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swice  +   860d ago
I'll play single player until I feel at least competent with the controls. Then I'll bounce back and forth between SP and MP
sk1234  +   860d ago
Same for me except for FPS games such as COD and Battlefield.
Evil_Ryu  +   860d ago
i have a rule single player only...except for games like cod/titanfall/ or battlefield then multiplayer only
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