NVIDIA Unleashes Quadro K6000 GPU - Fastest GPU In The World With 12 GB Memory and 2880 Cores

NVIDIA, the leading manufacturer of professional graphic solutions has unleashed their flagship Quadro K6000 graphics card for the workstation market. After a long wait, workstation users would get their hands on a fully enabled GK110 based GPU that features large amount of cores and a huge memory pool enough to fullfill their computing needs.

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-SIXAXIS-1703d ago

Very cool! This will be very useful in developing multicore/distributed applications.

dark-hollow1703d ago

Now I can finally play minesweeper in 4K 240fps dual 3D monitors.

turgore1703d ago

you would still lose at it.

xtremexx1703d ago

lol, i dont even understand how to play it. when i was young i would just run it and test my luck.

kupomogli1703d ago


Each number represents a mine somewhere around that box. Either above, below, to the left or right, or diagonally. It doesn't start you with any boxes clicked so you need to click on them yourself. If you click on a box with 1 and it's a single box, you still have a good chance to lose. Once you click on a box that happens to be a larger square with a bunch of numbers, then it's easier to start off at that point and work your way out. Right clicking will set whether there's a mine or whether you don't know you'll come back later but there could be a mine.

Dee_911703d ago

sweet !
I need a few of these because solitaire is lagging my machine quite a bit!

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0ut1awed1703d ago

Yea but I'm still kind of confused on why this is posted on N4G.

While you can technically game on it that is NOT what this card is for.

Smelly1sam1703d ago

It opens the way for cheaper tech to come out for games to be played on

MajorLazer1703d ago

Woah! That is.. powerful 0_o

FarCryLover1821703d ago

But the thing is....

will it run Crysis?

(BAD and TERRIBLE joke).

iceman061703d ago

Actually...quite funny!!!

B1uBurneR1703d ago

Nvidia is hurt because they are not part of next -gen so they are on mission to make next-gen consoles look meaningless and weak before they even release. Lame move

cunnilumpkin1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


NVidia was offered the ps4 first, they declined
Nvidia wanted no part of the garbage profits of making cheap toys and I applaud them for it

NVidia is worth more, makes better hardware and is far more respected by anyone who knows anything about tech

amd is second rate, cheap, unreliable trash
perfect for cheap ass $400 consoles

"next gen" consoles that won't even match a gaming laptop from 2 years ago let alone a dedicated desktop pc that will utterly destroy xbox1 and ps4

enjoy playing games with jaggies and sub-1080p resolutions all next gen too

Hellsvacancy1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Hay man, no need to go Rambo on us, we like what we like, as do you

I like the idea of playing GTAV, Beyond Two Souls, Last Of Us and Red Dead Redemption

World Of Warcraft and Truck Simulator doesn't interest me at all

Empire X1703d ago

Wow man. Was all that really necessary?

Utalkin2me1703d ago

Did someone forget their meds?

givemeshelter1703d ago

Someone poop in your cornflakes?

0ut1awed1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

If your talking about AMD for CPUs then your statement is pretty much correct. I mean they offer some pretty good deals that still are decent for gamers but their new $850 CPU performs less than a 4770k. So yea that's pretty much junk.

On the GPU side that statement is not at all true, at least the performance part. AMD is very much on the heels of Nvidia. A 7970 could easily smoke a 680 after the 12.11 cata drivers. The only reason AMD currently is behind is because of the 780 and that's simply because they haven't done a refresh like nvidia did.

And this is all coming from a guy that owns a intel i7 3930k and had a 680 but recently just upgraded to a 780...

I love intel and nvidia but you can't just smash AMD blindly because of it. Give them credit where credit is due. If Nvidia really had no competition they would have no reason to try and excel.

PeacePolice1703d ago

Actually Sony steeped out since Nvidia was offering a sub-par low end APU for an incredible amount of money.

AMD sucks? I own a GTX 7970 GHz edition and it wipes the floor with GTX 680's just for your information.

AMD also has better price to performance ratio, they release their high end cards at about 450-500$ while Nvidia introduced a 150$ price bump to their GTX 780 line making them 650$, they are only alienating PC users to upgrade.

“"Next gen" consoles that won't even match a gaming laptop from 2 years ago let alone a dedicated desktop pc that will utterly destroy xbox1 and ps4”

Gaming laptops from 2 years ago were equipped with Fermi (Nvidia) and Northern Island (AMD) architecture which are vastly inferior to the GraphicCoreNext2.0 (GCN2.0) architecture these Console APU’s are using.

PS4: 1840 GFLOPS + 7GB GDDR5 (RAM allocated for games)
Xbox One: 1230 GFLOPS + 5GB DDR3 (RAM allocated for games)

GTX 580m: 952 GFLOPS + 2GB GDDR5 (Laptop GPU from 2 ago)

HD 6990m: 1601 GFLOPS + 2GB GDDR5 (Laptop GPU from 2 ago)

AMD were known to have exaggerated theoretical GFLOP evaluations with their older hardware (The 1601 number may actually be less)

These laptop GPU’s have inferior GFLOP performance, RAM quantity and architectures

As a PC gamer myself, PC elitists shouldn’t bash consoles because of all the optimization and the on metal programming (No API) that will be done to improve the quality of the games for the upcoming years.

I saw your comment history and it also points that you are a hardcore PC elitist console basher.

N4G881703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


"NVidia was offered the ps4 first, they declined"

Yeah they declined to make tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars

Cool story bro...

Its really weird when I see people saying there business isn't this or that...there BUSINESS is MAKING MONEY. They will do it in anyway they possibly can

AceBlazer131703d ago

Aside from the few good Indies,the endless f2p p2w,viruses way does pc have? Aside from the pretty graphics dat was the last great game played on pc? Not a good game a great game.u pc elitists best as hope developers keep on this graphics>story,innovation track other wise u would have nothing to brag about.

Clunkyd1703d ago


All I read was bullshit from you.

Ragthorn1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I know how you love PC as well as myself, but Nvidia doesn't make the best tech (though right now there GPUs are the best!), AMD makes real good GPUs such as the 7970Ghz Edition which is stronger than the GTX 680. I'm sorry but don't give the PC community a bad image, by berating other people for their choice in playing, in this case consoles.

Lisica1703d ago

It's all about the money, not about some fake respect, morality, or I don't know what.

And consoles are about games. Not computing power.

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Kietz1703d ago

If console makers would pay for quality, Nvidia would be in the machines at the moment.
They were offered the job first, but were not willing to settle for the price that AMD apparently was.
Nvidia is doing just fine at the moment, actually.

Psychotica1703d ago

Yeah it has nothing to do with making money...

givemeshelter1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


This GPU has NOTHING to do with gaming. It's a professional workstation GPU. If you actually knew ANYTHING about this you could have saved N4G.COM and its members your ill conceived rant displaying your lack of knowledge. You actually think this was made to show up the consoles and it's for gaming?
How sad you are...

Bonerboy1703d ago

I feel that you're hurt because you are buying one of said consoles.

JsonHenry1703d ago

This is a dev part. Not an end user part. It is used to MAKE the games/CGI. Not play it.

MuhammadJA1703d ago

Next gen consoles are already weaker than gaming PCs.

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Crazay1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

sweet merciful jeebus....that's one big mamma jamma. I have a quaddro k5000 that a friend gave to me and i thought that was pretty nice.