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PS4 To Retain Bronze, Silver, Gold And Platinum Trophy Structure

One of the screens from the recent Android interface output shows off the collected trophies for launch title Knack, alongside what appears to be an in-game gift from a friend, much like the Vita’s still slightly confusing location-based software Near. (PS4)

pedrof93  +   805d ago
We know that for a while.

4 > 1
abzdine  +   805d ago
i wonder if they're gonna add some reward system based on trophies this time.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   805d ago
Cool I can keep all 417 of my platinums. Better lose that trophy sync horseshit
Koyes  +   805d ago
417! 0_o that's... a looooooooot of free time
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   805d ago
Its 17. My massive hands it all the keys agaiuj ....see.....must hit backspace......nah.
KwietStorm  +   805d ago
I'm not even jealous of that accomplishment.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   805d ago
Ps3 doesn't even have that many games queefstorm.
AusRogo  +   805d ago
Whoa.. ever since trophies came about ive only got 15 platinums lol that must have chewed up aloooot of your free time!
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   805d ago
I only got 17 platinums. I was too lazy to hit backspace.
KwietStorm  +   805d ago
Doesn't even have 417 games? Yea? Queefstorm? But you really meant 17, and just too lazy to hit backspace.. You're either just that dense or you're younger than that platinum trophy count.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   804d ago
Nice come back queefster.:-)
xJumpManx  +   805d ago
Hopefully now Sony is charging they can quit that lame trophy sync crap. Why that is not done on the server when you get the trophy I have no clue. I expect Sony to really improve their online system this time around. PSN feels tacked on it needs to feel like its integrated into the console OS.
KwietStorm  +   805d ago
I'm guessing it has more to do with the limited system resources than the network itself. But seeing as how they are both getting significant upgrades,I don't expect it to remain as it is today, especially with the focus on things downloading and updating in the background.
wsoutlaw87  +   805d ago
they have that second chip that does background downloading so im sure they will also do background trophy sink
TheUndertaker85  +   805d ago
The whole reason why probably has to do with Facebook integration.

I hope they don't change it for two reasons.

1) Facebook. If every trophy synced at the time of earning it, there'd be lots of spam going on. The way it is now allows for trophies to be synced in bulk, leaving messages like TheUndertaker85 has earned X amount of trophies in insert game name here.

2) Since Sony has already shown the UI doing similar things, it'd be easier to see in groups, such as the system already in place on Facebook. Otherwise you're going to have a lot of TheUndertaker85 has earned X trophy for insert title name here repeating numerous times for each individual trophy earned.

You can find an example at the link below. Even I can't stand pushing through single trophy earnings but do from time to time, just in case.


(N4G doesn't like me attaching images via iPad)
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Megaplaynate  +   805d ago
That's good but they should change it a bit, I mean, there are some games with over 50 bronzes and 1 or 2 silver or gold trophies, this makes some games have less trophy value. They should establish a percentage that should be respected, like 5% golds, 10, silvers or something.
And it would be nice if you could receive something upon unlocking the platinum or an specific trophy in the game, kinda like final fantasy XIII.
Hydralysk  +   805d ago
Much to the surprise of no one ever.
bub16  +   805d ago
I hope they fix the slow loading sync process!!!
THC CELL  +   805d ago
The vita pretty fast. I'd like to use trophy as bragging rights like avatars or gaming cards
Rockstar_5  +   805d ago
they need better restructuring there poorly done at the moment and not much fun to get

Can we have them completely off ps4 ??
KwietStorm  +   805d ago
DarkBlood  +   805d ago
what i wonder is if i i can go back on my ps3 and earn trophies still and it will carry over to my ps4 if anyone gets what im trying to say because i can't word it properlly lol
wsoutlaw87  +   805d ago
im sure its 1 account so it doesn't matter where you get the trophies
DarkBlood  +   805d ago
i sure hope so because i dont plan on stopping on my ps3 ever, still tons of games for me to get and that will come out even after the ps4 release.
avengers1978  +   805d ago
I believe it will be just like vita/PS3 are now, there will basically be your account and you will get trophies on what ever system your gaming on. I too plan to keep my PS3, Beyond 2 Souls, splintercell: blacklist, and Batman: AO all reserved.
And still a lot in my backlog, and the free games from PLUS... And how could I forget GTA5
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   805d ago
I would really like to see more than the percentage rate. Put ”your sure / score of next level” beneath the percentage.
BLAKHOODe  +   805d ago
Eliminate the syncing process and it's all good, but considering the Vita still syncs.. I doubt they will.
MAULxx  +   805d ago
Remove the trophy rubbish & replace it with a useful feature.
KwietStorm  +   805d ago
It's not taking away from anything to have to be replaced. But what would you suggest?

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