FIFA Continues To Drive Huge Profits For EA

FIFA 13 is still a big winner for EA, with a number of different products continuing to bring in revenue. During the second quarter 2014 earnings call, the publisher touted it's flagship soccer title's placement in the top five biggest titles in the West.

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KingDon1762d ago

The Fifa franchise has completely dominated the sports sim scene over the last 4 years and established an almost insurmountable lead on the Pro Evo series.

Upbeat1762d ago

That and the fact they do little to nothing each year to improve the game, reminds me of call of duty.

NYC_Gamer1762d ago

Its because EA owns the rights to exclusive clubs/leagues

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1762d ago

best sport in the world of course

sk12341762d ago

And continues to be the same fucking game every year, maybe one or two improvements.
It's even worse on handheld consoles such as the 3DS and the Vita (FIFA 13 was the same as 12 on vita).

jlm91761d ago

hopefully people might be wise to it on FIFA 14. Unless they add the ability of an online career similar to Madden or NHL 13 it may be a PES year.