Amiga games to be released on Android for “holiday 2013 season”

Amiga Games Inc., the company which controls the rights to the Commodore computer’s classic games, has announced that they have reached a deal to publish the games on Google’s Android platform.

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sak5001703d ago

Great news one of my fav platforms of late 80s. C64 was my first foray into computers back in 86 and then after few years got amiga500. Loved it to death. Can't wait... for playing these great games on my S4.

amiga-man1703d ago

Couldnt agree more more Sak, as my name suggests I have great memories of the Amiga which in it's day was a huge step forward in computing,, I too graduated from the C64 and remember the first Amiga the Amiga 1000 being shown on tv it was amazing but around a £1000 I was saving hard to get one and looked longingly in a shop window that had the boing ball demo running all the time, as it happened Commodore announced the Amiga 500 and I was able to go to Earls Court London and picked one up at launch along with Marble Madness and Defender of the crown followed shortly by Deluxe paint 2 which was amazing in its day, as you say great days funnily enough I was hankering after railway tycoon a few weeks ago maybe that will show up, anyway happy gaming to an old Amiga buddy.

iceman061703d ago

Defender of the Crown is still one of my favorite games (just the nostalgia). That damn theme song still rings in my head to this day!

sak5001702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

LOL @amiga man, you know why i kept 500 at end of my name? I created my first msn or hotmail account back in 1999 sak500. 500 being from amiga 500. I've kept 500 for my gamertag on xbl sakattak500 as well and on many other email accounts and handles.

@iceman, agreed mate, that song was one of my favs along with Zoids (c64 title). My favs were cannon fodder, Elite (also from c64), blood money, DOtCrown, 3 stooges, and other cinemaware titles. Back in those days these came as close to having TV/movie like experience on home computer. Those digitized characters looked so real. I remember upgrading the ram from 512k to 1mb and adding second drive so that i didn't have to swap 3.5" disks lol.

i still have quite a few of those games in form of ripped ADF disks d/l from the net and run on the amiga emulator, UAE.

iceman061703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I didn't get into computer gaming until I got the Commodore 128 D! My friend had just got the Apple II E and we used to have computer wars. Of course, the Commodore wiped the floor with the Apple (LOL). I wanted an Amiga SO BADLY. But, my mom had already spent a crap-load of cash on the 128. However, I shared games with a grown man (with a job and all) and he got the Amiga. I think I might have played it more than him. His wife hated to see me show up because it would be a day lost.
I had the damn thing until 4 years ago when a flood sent about 3 ft. of water into my storage area. Can't wait for this!!!

sak5001702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

LOl back in those days you could go to your neighbours and play with their stuff w/o your parents worrying about pervs lurking around and abusing kids. Luckily my father paid for most of my games and he got me c64 then got me amiga500 and upgrades and later still helped me get a loan to buy my 486DX 2 33mhz PC in 97.

iceman061702d ago

Exactly...times they are a changin'. My mother was my financial source, but I guess she had to draw the line at some point. LOL Gotta say, your dad seems to be a hell of a guy.