Heavy Rain Text Adventure: The Beginning of a New Trend?

Heavy Rain, the 2010 interactive drama released for the Playstation 3 by Quantic Dream, has received the text adventure treatment today. Could this be the start of something not so new yet innovative?

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mcroddi1793d ago

Just what the summer drought ordered!

bohangirl841793d ago

I agree! It was a pleasant surprise and a nice revisit to Heavy Rain.

Someguyisawesome1792d ago

I would like to see a Walking Dead text based adventure! I think that would be another game that lends itself well to that style. This would be a wonderful trend and we could see some really creative ideas with video game classics =). I agree that it would be cool to see an entire Heavy Rain text adventure game. What do you think about the idea of a Resident Evil 2 text adventure =)? Or do you have any other games you would like to see in this form?