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FIFA 13 Made $70 Million In Digital Sales In FY 2014 Q1

EA's new press release for their Fiscal Year 14 Q1 has revealed many new pieces of information and this includes info on their top-selling sports game, FIFA. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

blackstrr411  +   649d ago
What? EA are taking us for granted. I bet if Konami were the ones getting 70m they'd have evolved PES by now. Fifa is just transfers. I wanna try PES this year if they get rid of jon champion. He's too boring. If I can pick a commentary team I'd pick Derek Ray and Tommy smith (ESPN)
Pascalini  +   649d ago
If they make 70m dollars you would of thought they would care more about their customers
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Lovable  +   649d ago
They see you as cash cow nothing more
MiasmaDodo  +   649d ago
well with all that Money hopefully FIFA14 on PS4 will blow my mind.

deep create a character. (deepest ever please?)
Create a team?
Move a Franchise?
Linwelin  +   649d ago
you're asking too much, this is EA remember

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