NVIDIA SATA Driver Bricks Windows

THERE IS simmering discontent on the world wide wibble about Nvidia's SATA driver with punters complaining that it has a nasty habit of bricking Windows.

Following a tip off, we did a search on "nvgts.sys BSOD" and found shedloads of posts weeping and wailing about the fault.
There were even a few moans on Graphzilla's own forums where users were also complaining that Nvidia was treating them all to a deafening silence.

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decapitator3906d ago

Hope they are working on a patch by now. I remember reading a while ago that, a law suit was looming in over NVIDIA for something like this.

Dpa3906d ago

Nvidia are terrible at drivers. I cant play flight simulator X at the moment because nvidias newest drivers dont allow any sort of AA or AF with my card and the game looks terrible.

Yeah, i reverted to old drivers, but then i couldn't play CSS without internal 3d driver errors and once even a bsod.

Massacre3906d ago

ATI are still my faves in this department...

decapitator3906d ago

*Sigh*, It never stops.....