Pokémon Developer Unveils Mystery Game, It’s Indeed a Horse Racing Solitaire

A few days ago DualShockers published an article theorizing that the mysterious teased title by Game Freak could be SolityBa (SolityHorse), a mix between the old dear Solitaire, horses and Pokémon, based on a Japanese trademark.

Turns out they were mostly right.

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CaptainYesterday1820d ago

Did not see this coming I figured it would be Pokemon related would have been better if it were Pokemon Solitaire :/

Abriael1820d ago

Lol yeah, but it does seem a cheap little timewaster.

chadboban1820d ago

I'm bored at work now playing Solitaire on my computer and now I see THIS! Playing Solitaire at work will never be the same again because it'll never be as great as this. Microsoft, add horse racing to your Solitaire otherwise you'll lose a substantial amount of bored-at-work Solitaire losers such as myself.