FFX HD opens a way for a FF VII Remake

In an interesting interview between and the couple, Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama, the french fansite came back with a good information : "If we did want to do [a FF VII Remake], we have to sit down and think carefully what would be the best possible way to do that. It could be a remaster like X/X-2 HD Remaster or possibly a full remake. This time, it’s our first ever HD Remaster attempt."

A open door for dreamers for sure.

The interview focused on FF X HD explained that a Final Fantasy prequel with Braska, Jetch and Auron was very close to be produced.

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Need4Game1643d ago

Square Enix need more skills to Remake FFVII. Feel Free to give them your skills in remaking FFVII.

Colzer011642d ago

Gamers already asked too much with them. At least let them focus on developing XV and KHIII. I don't want both games got delayed because they developing so much games at once

Mr_Nuts1642d ago

Want to know why we have asked too much of them....because they never give us what we want and they never listen to us.

The list of things we want is getting bigger and bigger. Thats why it seems we want too much.

If they did a FF7 years ago when they were told then it wouldn't be so bad now and I bet they wouldn't be having financial problems

Colzer011642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Dont' be too greedy, people want Versus, and they give that to us at E3 + Kingdom Hearts III for long compesation.

And now they're working at FFX FFX-2 HD, KH1.5 HD, and Lightning Returns (the game that using Versus mechanic)+ KHIII and XV for next gen... I'm pretty sure after KH1.5 released, there will be KH2.5 later before they release the KHIII.

It's a bunch of titles, not mention there's KH3D and KH BBS which both are a pretty good games in my opinion.

Meaning, I want they to focus on XV to test their new-Luminous engine, and of course Kingdom Hearts III.. after that, there's a plenty of time to working on VII remake

Pozzle1642d ago

"Dont' be too greedy, people want Versus, and they give that to us at E3 + Kingdom Hearts III for long compesation."

I don't think fans are being greedy at all. It has been 8 years since the last numbered KH title was released and 7 years since FFvsXIII was originally announced.

It's not unreasonable to be a little impatient after waiting almost a decade for a game. If Square didn't want that sort of expectation, they shouldn't announce games so early in development without knowing when they will be able to release them.

JetP06191642d ago

@ colzer, lightning returns is not using the same engine as versus. its an updated crystal tool engine. Luminous engine is on next gen.

Though I agree FF15 and Kingdom hearts 3 need to come out first, an announcement of these other games that people wish for would create a huge positive buzz in the community that supports the idea of Remakes.

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showtimefolks1642d ago

How owns the right for FF7?

I know Sony invested money and in one of the interviews mark Cenry spoke with developing FF7

Need4Game1642d ago

Get FFX HD sold 20 million copies to secure FFVII remake!

Whitey2k1642d ago

If they where smart and used there heads they could of still be half way by now with them showing a techibcal demo back in 2005

Whitey2k1642d ago

But then if they did I think alot of ps4 will shift alot of units since FF7 is contracted to sony

VsAssassin1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I'd rather see them create a real numbered FF game for the next gen of consoles. Name changing FFvs13 to FFXV for me was kinda lazy. I was kinda expecting FFXV to be at least within the same universe as the one featured in the latest tech demo.

showtimefolks1642d ago

I am very interested in FFversus or 15 because its not a turned based combat system

I like how it's all real time can't wait to find out more

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The story is too old to be commented.