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CCC says: "EarthBound, called Mother 2 in Japan, is the second title in a trilogy that nearly didn't happen. Plagued with programming issues due to an ambitious design, logistics problems with developers Ape and HAL Laboratory having their studios quite a distance apart from one another, and less-than-stellar sales after launch, it seemed EarthBound was doomed to be forgotten. Instead, it has become a cult classic, sought after by many an obsessed collector, with Nintendo being scolded by the fan community for several years now, begging the Big N to release EarthBound as a Virtual Console title."

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mgszelda11825d ago

Top 3 snes rpgs for me
Super mario rpg
Chrono Trigger

na-no-nai1825d ago

Never played earthbound for the original snes(bought it for wii u) nor had I played snes chrono trigger (played the ps version). But I do agree with smrpg. My list would be

Breath of fire 2

manaxknight11825d ago

idk why amateur journalist like to give ridiculous scores to games the set standards...5/5 easily!!