Windows XP Is Still Better Than Vista

Recently, an Apple Computer commercial for the Mac featured a down and out "Windows guy" who sheepishly confessed that he was taking the unlikely step of uninstalling his recent Windows Vista upgrade and returning to the former Windows XP system. While a clever scenario for an advertisement, it seems it was not at all far from the truth. In the course of extensive tests, some independent computer researchers found that XP did much better than Vista in all of the tests they conducted.

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decapitator3520d ago

Of course it is, XP man here.

wow4u3519d ago

Wow, decapitator, you're relentless eh? Trolling blogspot for anti-MS FUD.

Good work. You're ruining N4G.

Farsendor13520d ago

yeah i love xp too bad i don't wanna buy the xp disk to install over vista.

i wish computers would come installed with xp/linux.

GCO Gamer3520d ago

no vista is better i use it all the time

Farsendor13520d ago

i have vista and heres my question what makes vista so much better?

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The story is too old to be commented.