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CaptainYesterday1944d ago

Looks pretty good, I'm not crazy about it though I really hope there is some sort of customization.

guitarded771944d ago

Yeah, apparently a lot of hot ass models play on PS4, so I can't wait to get it even more now.

brodychet1944d ago

Meh, i'm not crazy about it either. I like more of an elegance approach with less boxes surrounding items and more blend with colors.

But that's just me.

justastranger101944d ago

So many ads. More than 360. Disgusting gui.

nukeitall1944d ago


1st place > 4th place


DigitalRaptor1944d ago

@ nukeitall

What is that even meant to mean? Who's the 4th party?


BattleTorn1944d ago

I can't wait for Day1 of PS4!!

(see how easy that was)

DarkHeroZX1944d ago


Lol you still think people are gonna buy a $499 console over a $399 one? Yes the X1 will sell but with Japan and Europe on lock and Sony becoming more appealing in the US the X1 holds no edge this time around.

Ares84HU1944d ago

I can't wait either but honestly I really don't like this design. I hated it in Windows 8 as well. Just a ton of large rectangles and you have to find your way through it. I wish they did a XMB 2.0 or something.

thorstein1944d ago

4>1 but don't forget that 15>5 (as in minutes of footage the PS4 records v minutes X1 records)

So now it is 4>1 AND 15>5

Razputin1943d ago

Thorstein sorry to burst your bubble but Xbox One is going to have Twitch TV support and fully integrated.

I don't care for either console and will get both for their respective exclusives, since I am on PC, but I am just telling you that fact.

From sheer games that I have seen, the PS4 has impressed me more, but the X1 is just feature packed a lot useless to me, but heavily packed.

millgate11943d ago Show
IAmSovereign1943d ago

Lol. Justastranger you know those aren't ads they are shares right?

Utalkin2me1943d ago


Maybe you're just trolling or didn't even look at the pics. No ads there buddy. All has to do with your friends on what they have done or uploaded video.

airsick71943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )


Everything this guy says is anti Sony. Either a super troll or a fake MS person.

I personally believe that MS has launched a coordinated 'grass roots' campaign to try and swing the tide. It's classic FUD tactics of knocking down the other company instead of focusing on your own strengths.

They tried to focus on their strengths at the unveil and it blew up in their face. So... back to standard mudslinging.

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iamnsuperman1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I still prefer the XMB. This just looks confusing with all the social stuff. The XMB may have been boring but it was so simple to use. I hope I am wrong about this because at the moment this feels like the change from the old store to the new one. The old one was boring but simple to use (except for the inept search engine). The new one was much more complicated to navigate (also had tech issues)

Lovable1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Same. I love how simple and straight to the point the XMB is tbh.


Nah too troublesome. If Sony want change, then change it. I don't spend my time on a dash board anyway.

Jayjayff1944d ago

Petition for an option to go back to XMB?

wsoutlaw871944d ago

we havent even used it yet, why petition


Although I see similiarities with the new store, it looks more something like Vita GUI, but with those content boxes instead of bubbles. See those little rectangular icons on top? I think those are tabs (it even seens the second tab is being showed on screen). Probably we'll use the touchpad to swipe trough tabs on PS4 like the touchscreen on Vita.

The problem with new Store is that you have that metro style graphic assemble but you can't customize or really navigate through that, those are just the games or other content the Store is promoting, while you are still basically menu list bound... The PS4 GUI, so far, doesn't show a menu list like that... The real question on PS4 gui is how customizeable is that.

RonRico1944d ago

It looks like the apps page on Windows 8, sort of. I don't particularly like it.

MysticStrummer1944d ago

"I still prefer the XMB"

Same here. Not liking this new look at all. Hope I can customize it... a lot.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1944d ago

Nukeitall has 5 bubbles well done moderators .. what you guys doing? out having a picnic?

MrBeatdown1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

That one image with all the different content just looks like the PS4's equivalent of the "what's new" tab on PS3. That's the only page that looks confusing.

The video page and text chat designs looks nice and simple like they would on PS3. I'd expect things like the friends and games tabs to follow suit.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1943d ago

it looks far more polished than the windows8 look thats for sure

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SegaSaturn6691944d ago

I'm sure it will be. One of the concerns with the XMB was that it got overpopulated toward the end of the lifecycle -- as a result, casuals/new owners had some trouble finding their way around.

If it's anything like the Vita, it'll be speedy and customizable.

thebudgetgamer1944d ago

If you have problems finding things on the XMB you're either blind or lack thumbs.

hakis861943d ago

I like it.

What does the "Launch at PS4" button in the phone-app do...? Obviously launch the game... but I don't get it? Why do I want to do it from my phone?

I would get it if it said "buy/install", so I could do it while not at home.

GribbleGrunger1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I've got to say, I really like the look of that. I am a minimalist by heart (perhaps that's why I like the Vita? J/K) and one thing that drives me nuts is a cluttered, overly beautified UI. This is sweet.

MYSTERIO3601944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Ive got some pretty good ones here showing the different themes:

FullMetalTech1944d ago

Id rather have this type of OS GUI than the one in pictures that just got released. This is more in line with the PSn store than anything.

-Alpha1944d ago

Lovely. I like PS3 themes. XMB made it look so elegant and spacious.

I hope I can even customize the size of the icons for PS4. If they are looking at mobile influences, UI customization is a huge plus for me

GribbleGrunger1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

The more of these pictures I'm seeing the more I'm inclined to believe that PSN IS the new UI. They are one and the same.

trafalger1944d ago

does anybody know if you can voice chat with multiple people on your friends list at any time? the commercial showed one person on voice chat while you text to others. i want to be able to party chat, i cant stand doing text on a controller.

CptFlashHeart1944d ago

Looks better in those images, but they seem to be different screens all together.

DigitalRaptor1944d ago

Wow, those look much better than the boring crap in the article. You can tell this OS design is not finished yet.

I hope there is degree of customization so we can make it look like these.

Rodney251944d ago

Meh, i'll wait until I use it to bitch. Doesn't look too horrible, I'm liking the interface in these pictures though, holy shit.

fourOeightshark1944d ago

Thanks for sharing those, i like the UI now.

Tatsuya 1943d ago

damn,. that looks sexy! I just hope it's quick and seamless. Seriously, can't wait for my PS4!

XabiDaChosenOne1943d ago

I was afraid that custom themes might not make a return. Fear relinquished! Looks so sweet!!!!

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Tsar4ever011944d ago

Cerny said the ui could be customized.

GribbleGrunger1944d ago

It seems to me that in one of those photos you can see windows above already open. I wonder if you'll be able to move between the windows with the touchpad?

showtimefolks1944d ago

please keep it simple and smooth/lag free

i am not into something that's too complicated

tuglu_pati1943d ago

So... I guess Sony is going for the Social Media look. Not too bad in my opinion. I think this version is more engaging.

violents1943d ago

they have clearly stated that they are focusing a lot on the social aspects of gaming in the coming UI design. So you guess right buddy.

Kurt Russell1943d ago

As someone who is not a member of any social network... my UI is going to look sparse!

BallsEye1943d ago

at some pictures it looks like a complete copy of xbox 360 dashboard...which is a good thing.

CRAIG6671943d ago

I think it looks MILES better than the xmb, which I never really liked, always preferd the 360's dash.

Some of you obviously don't like the look of this new GUI but I would say don't judge until you have actually used it, to me it looks really good.

YNWA961943d ago

I love this GUI, would look terrible on an Xbox though, and that would make it feel cheap. I feel the same about Cloud, can only be good if Sony does it! Yeah, Greatness awaits, I have no life though, some part time dude at gamestop told me there is only a +1 difference in favour of PS4 preorders. I do not know how to cope....

1943d ago
3-4-51943d ago

They really need to show ALL of it and not just a portion of it.

mewhy321943d ago

I think that it looks a lot like windows 8.

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Colzer011944d ago

Looks like a Facebook Timeline/Windows 8 UI

Mr_Nuts1944d ago

Looks nothing like them

It looks more like the design they did for the PSN store

Spurg1944d ago

Which is similar to the windows 8 design

JackStraw1944d ago

whoever says this looks like windows 8's design is wrong. metro looks nothing like this.

SonyPS41943d ago

My metro pretty much does. It has a tiled interface, and it scrolls, just like the PS4 UI. Vertically vs horizontally doesn't make it indistinguishable.

Or maybe you have a customized metro. Please prt scr it and paste it!

MoveTheGlow1943d ago

I think this looks a lot like the promotional stuff outside of the PS Store that they released before the store overhaul - those random-ish squares that displayed new content and news over a bright blue background.

I'm kinda meh. I think this might be some sort of "front page" or news feed that doesn't represent the whole thing.

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Starbucks_Fan1944d ago

Looks a little like Pinterest

SonyPS41943d ago

Me neither. It looks a lot like Xbox's UI and it has sky blue, a not so engaging color for me. Hopefully that can be changed...

M-M1944d ago

Had to look at it for a while, seems like I could get used to it.

Nexus381944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

cant wait for ps4 this gui looks great..hehe

Insomnia_841944d ago

Huh! Just noticed you edited your original comment "I guess that's why the xb1 pre-orders are through the roof" to the now smart comment lol what a sad troll.

Master-H1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Yup, User Interfaces are what win Console wars, games and features and pricing and everything else is a bonus. /s
Edit: 2/10 for the stealth edit, trollster.

super_cuddles1943d ago

I lold at what you did there, bravo.