Madden: The Original and The Best

Madden NFL as it’s now known is celebrating its Silver Anniversary this year, and the founding father of the console sports franchise continues to go from strength to strength. The legendary coach and commentator John Madden, who many this side of the pond will not know beyond the license, was first approached way back in 1984. The original took so long to come to fruition because the man wanted the game to be as realistic as possible. That ethos continues as the realism, both on the pitch and off it, are pushed by the developers year on year.

That balance between sheer frustration and sensational joy is what sets Madden apart from any other sports franchise and arguably any other title currently available on home consoles.

Surprisingly, 25 years on the basic mechanics of the game haven’t really changed that much.

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Silly Mammo1670d ago

NFL 2K was a better franchise and EA knew it. That's why EA spent tons of cash on locking up exclusive NFL license rights. Too bad for us gamers. Competition between the two franchises would have only made better football games from both developers.

iceman061670d ago

I would be willing to bet that we would at least have a fully functional game. Instead we are sold "features" every year that are integral to real football. One year is the QB, then the running game, then the defense, then...well you get the point. I haven't purchased Madden in 3 years. I hesitate to do it on a next gen system because EA are notorious for just porting the game from current to next gen. Plus, I am just tired of THEIR take on football!

LAWSON721670d ago

NFL 2k5 is the best nfl game I have ever played and it was only $20 at launch

Tony-Red-Grave1670d ago

What's sad is some people back then thought because 2K launched at $20 that it was a lower quality product and avoided buying it as a result. That's nowhere near the truth though :/.

Back when 2K was in the market madden was pumping out some of it's best maddens to date. madden 04/05 were just amazing with the sheer amount of features. Since gaining exclusive rights they've pumped out lesser quality products and removed alot of the best features from those days.

LAWSON721670d ago

No competition is always for the best /s