21 Gaming Sequels We'd Like to See For Next Gen

Have you ever released a sigh of anguish and disgust after a sequel to your favorite game wasn't announced at E3? Den of Geek did after this year's E3, and has made a list of video game sequels that they wished would've been announced. Here are the sequels Den of Geek wishes were in development for next gen consoles.

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Wagz221822d ago

Psi-Ops 2, best game physics of the last gen, plus they ended it as to be continued. Hopefully someone can pick up the rights from Midway even though they don't exist :(

shadowmist131821d ago

No fallout 4 or elder scrolls 6?,this is a really crappy list,bully 2?,alot of games that really will need next gen sequels,and of course who can forget about red faction.