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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 858d ago | news

Evolution Studios: DriveClub Visuals "Getting Better Looking by The Day"

"Evolution Studios' DriveClub was first introduced alongside the PlayStation 4 back in February, and has since only gained in momentum. The game will offer its own realistic take on racing, but also allow players to form their own clubs and race against allies and rival clubs. It will also be one of the first titles that Sony will offer for free albeit in a limited way on PlayStation Plus." (Driveclub, PS4)

allformats  +   858d ago
As expected. A game under development shouldn't be so harshly judged like DriveClub has been until closer to release.
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Majin-vegeta  +   858d ago
Apparently people don't know what."WORK IN PROGRESS"means.

Can't wait for this game.I'm a car nut job >_<.
abzdine  +   858d ago
MotorStorm 1 still looks sick today, Evolution Studios really know how to take advantage of each hardware.
loulou  +   858d ago

it is just a shame that you lot are not in xbox one threads when the trolls are slating unfinished xb1 games..

oh wait, my bad, you lot are normally the ones speaking the loudest.. fanboys
bjmartynhak  +   858d ago

I'm still playing Pacific Rift. Motorstorm is an incredible franchise. I'm not into racing games, but this one I enjoy a lot.
christrules0041  +   858d ago
Or what pre alpha gameplay is either LOL
JunioRS101  +   858d ago
People are quick to say that the driveclub devs made motorstorm, but I wonder why no one has said

"We want a PS4 motorstorm"!
badz149  +   858d ago
as mush as I love Motorstorm, I think the series better take a back seat for now, plus Evolution is doing what they have wanted to do since long ago. I would love for Motorstorm to return on the PS4 in couple of years but now, the focus is on Driveclub!
Colzer01  +   858d ago
I'll believe when I see it, for now it's all just talk
Boody-Bandit  +   858d ago
Irony personified

On topic:
I'm sure Drive Club will look sensational when it's "finished". I just hope, even though it's an arcade racer, it has depth to it. Most arcade racers have limited replay value. At least for me they do.

Oh and PLEASE have wheel support.
I can't play any racer without my wheel.

Thx for the info.
I haven't done any research on next gen titles. Trying to finish up all the games I can for this generation. That's good to know. I can't wait to take her out for a spin (PS+ member so I will download it day one).

Now I just need to know which wheels the PS4 will support. I have a feeling I wont need a new wheel for the PS4 since Sony usually keeps it open ended and not proprietary with license fees. That means I will be spinning wheels in DC with my T500.
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HammadTheBeast  +   858d ago
Wheel support confirmed. And it has dedicated servers, which the magic of the cloud couldn't pull off with Forza 5.
Minato-Namikaze  +   858d ago
You obviously havent looked at there previous work when it came to pre-release and final visuals.
Colzer01  +   858d ago
Talk about irony, isn't this line that you guys always using when some site praise the Xbox One's game?
Grindlefly  +   858d ago

Why is it that every single article on Driveclub, you pop up slamming it???
Have you nothing better to do than scour articles on Driveclub all day?
loulou  +   858d ago
grindlefly i would not normally do this, but these very same idiots who have lined up to attack colzer can be found doing the exact same thing in any xb1 thread.

hammand and minato are some of the most pathetic f@king idiotic fantards that i have seen on the net.

disagree away f@cktards
Grindlefly  +   858d ago
Im not disagreeing with your comment at all. Its just that every time I read something on Driveclub the same name pops up slating it. Its sad all round as so many upcoming games look good across all platforms.

Shame there cant just be a good debate about stuff without descending into "my console's better than yours" fiasco every time
theWB27  +   858d ago
Forza 5 has dedicated servers and a racing wheel. Mis-informed trolls..


loulou  +   858d ago
i know grindlefly. it really is a sorry state of affairs on here
Hei-senberg  +   858d ago

You want a healthy debate on next-gen war? it's a wishful thinking, like wanting to end the war at the WWII

Each sides got their diehard fanboy that ready to depend their console, each sides bashing each other and always said "My console is better." It's like Android and iPhone, Coke and Pepsi, Laptop and Macbook

It's always been like that. War never changes
Grindlefly  +   858d ago

Lol at "war never changes"
You mean to tell me that a game that was ALREADY 35% COMPLETE still has room for improvement!!!!
pyramidshead  +   858d ago
More than confident that these guys can nail it by launch, it's going to look even more amazing ;o. They best get to work!
gijsbrecht  +   858d ago
DriveClub ( the full version ) and Killzone: Shadow Fall are the two games I will start with on the PS4.
mrmancs  +   858d ago
Don't know why some are moaning and going on about it being just a arcade racer... That's what started the genre , not simulations , they came after , a arcade racer , a multiplayer one at that,is instant appeal and instant fun , a simulation is something altogether different , something that takes time and patience to master , this will be awesome and will still offer a great challenge for those who are good and get the most speed out of corners , a game is for challenges and this offers many , that's the whole point to gaming the challenge and competitors , this game will be awesome on so many levels!!
jp_footy2  +   858d ago
How does this game work? Is it a f2p game that will constantly evolve? Or will there be a Driveclub 2?
WeAreLegion  +   858d ago
It is a full $60 release. The PS Plus version will include many of the features with full online support, but you can upgrade to the full version if you're a PS Plus member for "a significantly lower amount".
Funnymonkey013  +   858d ago
I think it's great that its getting better day by day I will be getting free as PS plus and if I like it enough ill just buy the rest later on its cheaper that way. 4 me I'm getting killzone SF and NFS rivals as my starting games.
claterz  +   858d ago
good to know. Can't wait to see the latest build at gamescom next month.
solidboss07  +   858d ago
While I will choose GT6 on PS3 over Driveclub I do not doubt Evolution Studio's ability to deliver a visual treat, and fun gameplay at PS4 launch. We just look at their track record (pun) and remember that launch window Motorstorm was fun, and the best looking console game until that point.
CptFlashHeart  +   858d ago
Still only gonna run at 30FPS which sucks for a) a race game and b) next gen.

Or are they going to change this too?
Destrania  +   858d ago
Aiming for 60fps, but everything is dynamic (lighting, etc.) The visuals in general are being pushed extremely far (each car has like 250,000 polygons or something like that). I hope for 60fps without detracting from the visuals, but I'm fine with a smooth 30fps (for now).
Destrania  +   858d ago
I can't wait to play DriveClub. It's one of 6 games I have pre-ordered for PS4 right now. Evolution is an awesome studio. I absolutely love all the Motorstorm games on PS3, and have no doubt that DriveClub will be fantastic. Also, all the people trolling these articles to downvote and make mentally challenged negative replies for no f'ing reason make me sick. You're a big part of what's wrong with gaming. Idiots.
saint_seya  +   858d ago
Have u people noticed how many "new" xbox fanboys have been apearing in the last 3 months.. something fishy there? all them bashing sony games, and talking about the wonders of xbox 1..
In every article theres a "new" user, and the funniest part, most of them tend to have 2-3 boobles in 1 day or so.
I wonder are this new accounts people paid for propaganda, or just the delusional fanboys like green, jet, edonus making as many accounts as they can? #So far i counted about 30 "new" fanboys in here, like if people cant notice this.

On topic: I will give this game time, i dont know about the graphics, but if is as fun as motorstorm count me in.
Destrania  +   858d ago
Yeah I know, it's strange.
Dude Dutch  +   858d ago
Yeah i noticed. Must be something in the water. Like fishy?
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   858d ago
The visuals of Forza 5 are also "Getting Better Looking by The Day"
Hicken  +   858d ago
And this isn't trolling, HOW?
SugarSoSweet  +   858d ago
I hope so because graphically DriveClub is the worst looking game on ps4

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