Activision confirms digital preorders of Ghosts will get Free Fall bonus map

Activision has confirmed in a FAQ on the official Call of Duty site that customers who choose to preorder and buy Ghosts digitally will get access to the Free Fall bonus map.

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Malice-Flare1944d ago

bonuses are always good...

The_KELRaTH1944d ago

I suspect the wording is wrong, corrected it reads "Pre-order and we won't remove a map"

Oschino19071944d ago

Or it will be like Nuketown 2025 was. Had its own playlists quite a few times and most had it anyway for standard playlists. It became free for everyone after a period of time.

Lionalliance1944d ago

Activision...and free? those two words rarely mix.

inf3cted11942d ago

Not really free. Have to preorder first, lol.

malokevi1944d ago

Until I see something about the multiplayer, I refuse to even remotely humor this game.

Bigger servers, dramatically improved visuals, some new element of gameplay.... SOMETHING has got to give.

Oschino19071944d ago

They already announced some features that will be in both single and multi. Full multiplayer reveal prob won't be until early september.

Here is all the current known info.

Pancit_Canton1944d ago

Free fall you say...


I C wut u did there Activision..

Lovable1944d ago

Dear Developer,

Please remove the map that should be included in the game when you ship it this November. We need to hook these suckers into thinking they're getting something free when obviously we just took it out. I mean no one's gonna notice right? Hahaha poor suckers.


Oschino19071944d ago

Yeah because its not like every cod this gen didn't ship with 14-16 maps which is more then pretty much every other multiplayer FPS.

Will be an extra map so instead of the usual 14 or 16 it will be 15 or 17 (IW tends to have 16 and 3arc 14 vanilla maps).

Lovable1944d ago

Well they had to. They're shipping the same game over and over.

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The story is too old to be commented.