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Activision confirms digital preorders of Ghosts will get Free Fall bonus map

Activision has confirmed in a FAQ on the official Call of Duty site that customers who choose to preorder and buy Ghosts digitally will get access to the Free Fall bonus map. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Malice-Flare  +   615d ago
bonuses are always good...
The_KELRaTH  +   615d ago
I suspect the wording is wrong, corrected it reads "Pre-order and we won't remove a map"
Oschino1907  +   615d ago
Or it will be like Nuketown 2025 was. Had its own playlists quite a few times and most had it anyway for standard playlists. It became free for everyone after a period of time.
Lionalliance  +   615d ago
Activision...and free? those two words rarely mix.
inf3cted1  +   613d ago
Not really free. Have to preorder first, lol.
malokevi  +   615d ago
Until I see something about the multiplayer, I refuse to even remotely humor this game.

Bigger servers, dramatically improved visuals, some new element of gameplay.... SOMETHING has got to give.
Oschino1907  +   615d ago
They already announced some features that will be in both single and multi. Full multiplayer reveal prob won't be until early september.

Here is all the current known info.
Pancit_Canton  +   615d ago
Free fall you say...


I C wut u did there Activision..
Lovable  +   615d ago
Dear Developer,

Please remove the map that should be included in the game when you ship it this November. We need to hook these suckers into thinking they're getting something free when obviously we just took it out. I mean no one's gonna notice right? Hahaha poor suckers.

Oschino1907  +   615d ago
Yeah because its not like every cod this gen didn't ship with 14-16 maps which is more then pretty much every other multiplayer FPS.

Will be an extra map so instead of the usual 14 or 16 it will be 15 or 17 (IW tends to have 16 and 3arc 14 vanilla maps).
Lovable  +   615d ago
Well they had to. They're shipping the same game over and over.
ewstokes  +   615d ago
How do you preorder digitally?
auragenz  +   615d ago
Ask Gamestop.
ewstokes  +   615d ago
Why would I ask GameStop? Shouldn't I ask Sony because you would preorder through the psn store?
B1uBurneR  +   615d ago
This is what I'm talkiby about an incentive to go digital bring on next Gen. already
Godz Kastro  +   615d ago
Ahhhhh... Great strategy and I mean it. They give it away for digital customers which reduces the amount of trade ins. So those who buy physical copy will have less and less used games available.

Shoot they could even give away the entire DLC package and still get away with it because it would still cause a drop in trade ins. I know, I know im getting ahead of myself but I actually like the idea.

Im going all digital this gen anyway. Thats one of the main reasons I wanted new consoles hoping they'd ditch disks!
Master-H  +   615d ago
Why bother ? they gon probably pull it from the playlist then release it for free afterwards like nuketown 2025 , no thanks. i'll probably get the game used just to mess with activision. it's probably a crap game, but i'm mainly getting it for the split screen .
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Oschino1907  +   615d ago
Why do you bother?

You don't like the game and complain about it but you will play split on it why? Just so you can assure your team a loss if they aren't great players?

Splitscreeners for me and many others = go find another lobby. Because chances are the splitscreeners like in literally every splitscreen multiplayer will suck horribly and go well under a 1 K/D with less objectives done/contributed towards then anyone in the top 3.
Master-H  +   615d ago
I do enjoy CoD every now and then and i have a right to complain when i buy blops 2 new and be faced with horrible hit detection and lag compensation online, also the fact that they had Nuketown 2025 as exclusive bonus for preorders then went back on their word and released it for free.
Also why do you complain about my complaining if you don't like complaining in the first place ? lol

And what are you on about regarding split screen? i meant i'm buying it to play OFFLINE LOCAL SPLIT SCREEN with my friends, not online, because there aren't many FPS games with split screen option nowdays ,aside from what cod and halo ? and i don't have an xbox so Cod is my only option for that.

Also i don't care about K/D ratio , i don't know about you but i play for fun ,sir.
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Oschino1907  +   614d ago
- show me where they "went back on their word", oh wait you can't.

- show me another game with multiplayer as its main feature that day 1 has less bug and glitches then COD, if you know of a game with zero lag please do tell. Lag = bad hit detection, light can only travel so fast, lag or lag comp will always be there. Even ded servers have lag, they just cut off major sections of the community to help keep the games more local with lower lag. I don't know about you but I play with people from all over the world so lag will always be an issue with every game.

- show me where I said K/D is how I have fun. Oh wait I said "with less objectives done/contributed towards". Sounds to me like you aren't very good hence only play offline or blame it on "play(ing) for fun".

- "Complaining about complaining" defense, classic words from a butt hurt troll. Never said you didn't have the "right to complain" but please do go on whining about your "right(s)".

- that's great that you play offline, I have 2 PS3s and sometimes run LAN games or play splitscreen offline when friends are over... Now what does that have to do with all your ONLINE complaints. If you are buying for offline splitscreen then all your multiplayer complaints are invalid unless you have some other reason it's a "crap game"

-Cod is not your "only option for that", splitscreen multiplayer exist outside of COD and Halo, I have quite a few but I do agree it isn't the norm. Maybe do some research about other games before settling for cod since apparently it doesn't satisfy your high standards.
Master-H  +   614d ago
This video explains my main problem with the game http://www.youtube.com/watc...
and this happens online AND offline, there isn't any benefit arguing anything with you since you showed how immature you are calling me *butt-hurt troll* just because i don't like the (probably) only game you play , who are you, Vonhorhaar's Lawyer ? the silliest CoD fanboy i ever seen, jesus.

And " show me where they went back on their word, oh wait you can't." umm yes i can and i did, the had NUKETOWN 2025 as a preorder bonus, and said it will be 24/7 available , then first they removed it's playlist ,then they gave it for free to EVERYBODY.

Also i am not talking about bugs or glitches (which Bo2 had a bunch of at launch, i can't count how many times my ps3 froze while playing bo2 before they started rolling out the patches)
my main problems with the game are lag comp (check the video) and the bullshit thin walls where even a shot through a concrete pillar kills you in the game.

Also i said "i dont know about you but i play for fun" i didn't say you DIDNT play for fun either, learn how to read , genius. also i am good enough at the game my K/D i believe is around 1.56 since that's all you care about, you probably have yours printed on all your panties lol

And when i buy the game regardless if i'm MAINLY buying it for offline split screen or online, i want all parts of it working properly ,so my complaints are VALID in fact. thats what i paid 60 dollars for, it's my money not yours (or your mom's lol).

And last but not least, if you read my posts and yours, it is obvious you are the butt-hurt individual of us two, not me lol it's like you're one of COD incompetent developers and whenever you face someone with solid criticism of your game , you go crying about it calling them trolls , pathetic really .
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dazzrazz  +   615d ago
The map will be a size of a f***** matchbox

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