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PlayStation vs. 3DS / Games vs. Tech Specs

On this episode of #GVNDicussion Daniel Hodge, AdamUpNow, and Luis Alamilla discuss the current situation going on between the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is currently dominating the game library competition while the PlayStation Vita is killing the 3DS with its awesome tech specs. (3DS, game, PS Vita)

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TheGrimReaper0011  +   465d ago
Games = 3DS
Specs = PSVita
TongkatAli  +   465d ago
Vita = Specs and games

3DS = Games and games

At least the 3DS is more powerful then a PSP, thumbs up.
Colzer01  +   465d ago
What games that stands-out on PSVita? Most of them are MH's clone, and the best JRPG in there are only P4G which a PS2 games, the rest are Japanese.

3DS got a much better exclusives such as KH3D, MH3U, MH4, SMT4, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblems, Project x Zone, and all Nintendo's 1st party
Protagonist  +   464d ago



Stop with the BS.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   464d ago
Dont get me wrong, Vita has some games
In fact I only have a vita
But in terms of wich has more games, that def goes to the 3DS
I mean, we get 3 games for the vita this year
Rayman legends
Killzone mercenary
The thing is, vita has great games, but not enough to catch up with the 3DS
I just think its a bit sad, cause if I just look at all the handhelds Ive ever owned, PS Vita would be my personal favourite because of its large, beautifull screen (Yes people, beats 3D in my opinion), multi touch and the dual analog
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   464d ago
Games that only interest kids and kid like adults = 3DS
Specs = PSVita
gwendolyn1alexander   465d ago | Spam
dcj0524  +   465d ago
PSOne vs 3DS lets go! Lol. I prefer VITA games. Only 3DS games I like are sonic and atlus games.
mcstorm  +   465d ago
For me the 3ds is the better console at the moment because of the games. I got both on day one and it took a bit for the 3ds to get games but now they come thick and fast. As foe the psv I have just sold mine as the games I wanted were just not there. Lbp psv was not as fun as the ps3 gamea and way to short the same with ucga. Mnr again missing online which is what I was looking forward to the most. Resistance was short and mp was not the best and I won't even go into cod. Nfsmw was fun but its on consoles to.

There is no dout Sony created an amazing handheld but for me it is lacking in games a bit like the Wiiu at the moment.

I do hope Sony turn it around but for me ide pick the 3ds every time at the moment.
Kevlar009  +   465d ago
The kind of games you can get on Vita you can get on PS3 as well. Not to say there aren't creative gems on the Vita, but most people would rather play Uncharted, Killzone, or Call of Duty on a home console with a big TV. Doesn't help it has to compete with both the 3DS and tablets/smartphones. It's a good handheld, just no outstanding reason to buy one atm.
Protagonist  +   464d ago
Shows how much you know.

Uncharted PS Vita has sold 980.000
Call of Duty - 750.000
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - 700.000

Clearly gamers like to play those kind of games on a handheld too. In fact those kind of games are the best selling games for the PS Vita.
STK026  +   465d ago
I have both since their respective launches, and, so far, I prefer the 3DS. I have about 15 games for each system (not including backward compatibility). For the Vita, I've bought plenty of games that I really expected to love (Disgaea 3, Uncharted : GA, Gravity Rush, AC:Liberty, Escape plan, LBP:Vita and Unit 13 to name a few) but only enjoyed a handful of games (Zero escape, Persona 4, Dynasty Warriors Next and Lumines). On the other hand, I bought the 3DS not expecting many good games other than the usual Pokemon games, but was happily surprised by Fire Emblem, Project X zone and SMT4.

I think both systems have their fair share of good games, and while the PSVita is more powerful than the 3DS, the 3DS is still a very capable handheld able to deliver great games with decent graphics. Like I said, so far I've played more on my 3DS, but this generation is still young and the PSVita line-up seems solid, and I'm pretty sure that both systems will deliver a solid experience in the end.
kB0  +   465d ago
I recently sold my 3Ds because I was very unhappy with the outsourcing of games Nintendo has been doing in their right now Best selling system.

What made me sell it? Donkey kong 3Ds...

WHAT A TERRIBLE piece of crap port...not only were the graphics subpar and blury in some cases, the game ran 30 fps or less....the 3DS should have NO problem playign this game at 60 fps...most mario games NEED to run 60 fps because of the input latency...Why on earth did we get such a crap port? The Wii one is 100x's better just because it's double in frames (trust me, if u are a long time platformer fan you'll understand my plight).

Mario 3D was far better and personal A LOT more enjoyable...I actually played that game for 90+ hours! Another amazing game that would make me rebuy the system is Fire Emblem <3 that game!

Anyways for now I'll stick with Vita only because the 3Ds is only going to get cheaper and I can wait until the next mario/Super smash game/Zelda to get it (actually hoping for Zelda Limited edition bundle:D).

Anyways, my vita I love the convenience of having 8+ games on my 32 GB card, and I'm a huge fan of the actual asethetics of the console, my hands feel more comfortable with it, the 3Ds felt cramped and the 3Ds Xl the screen pixels anger me...


I do agree that the 3Ds has better games over all, but it's graphics doesn't come near to compare with the vita (at least for 3rd party games)...but most Nintendo games have such simplistic graphics where it really doesn't matter, it can look next gen by making minor tweaks:P.

Either it would be nice for people to own both, for now I have a butt tone of Vita games I need to finish (I couldn't finish em cuz I was playing too much Fire emblem lol!)

COD (I want to platinum it...its not as bad a game as ppl say but its def not a good Cod game..a lot of glitches)
Persona 4 (plat), mickey ( just fun:P), Jack and daxter, steath Asshole, and WRC3:)
Hicken  +   465d ago
Why get rid ofthough? You know you're likely to buy one again, which means paying for a 3DS twice.
kB0  +   465d ago
I sold it for 100$ a couple of weeks ago, and people are already selling it for 60$ without charger:P so if anything I can buy a game + a 3ds:P

Plus a number of shops discount it to 99.99$ during sales (most of the time with colors no1 wants but I don't care:)).

Mine was already a launch model (black), now I can get a new 1 that will be in warranty:)
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xxPillsxx  +   464d ago
PS Vita is more powerful than 3DS, very powerful for a handheld(see Killzone Mercenary), but Sony is not marketing it well, I don't see any ads about it(except in Japan), they are acting like they given up on PS Vita, and the second thing isn't about lack of games, it has many games, just not enough good games that people prefer and lack of exclusive to make people buy one.
Sony just needs to market the Vita better, but i have a feeling Gamescom should show some new good Vita games, hopefully.
Einhert  +   464d ago
Just proves power is not everything, the 3DS just has flat out better, more fun games.

As far as handhelds go it is my choice of system.

Got to love all the disagrees from Sony fanboys who can't hanfle the fact the Vita does not have a library worth buying into
Protagonist  +   464d ago

Why can´t nintendofreaks get it through their heads that the 3DS games Does Not Appeal To Everyone!!!!

I only got one game that I would like for the 3DS and that is an Atlus game... guess which one!
badz149  +   464d ago
so true!

all 3DS games are fun but the Vita ones are not...that's a statement of somebody who is so full of themselves!


get it through your thick skull that NOT EVERYBODY is a Nintendo fan! whether games are fun or not, it will remain subjective FOREVER just like review scores but specs are facts! the Vita destroy the 3DS specs-wise.
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SonyNGP  +   464d ago
Senpai Simulator?
Einhert  +   464d ago
sorry to dissapoint lol but i bought the nintendo system not because i am a fan but because it was the better product and has the better library.

Id like for on good game on Vita to be mentioned, just one.
badz149  +   464d ago

Uncharted GA, Gravity Rush, Unit 13, LBP Vita, Soul Sacrifice and solid ports like Rayman Origins, Sly 4, PASBR, One Piece Pirate Warrior 2, nah...why do I even bother explaining! you'll say all those games are not as interesting as your Marios, right? but those games are great games for me while 3DS games are great games for you, behold...the power of opinion! it's great how it works, right?
dcj0524  +   464d ago
I think its subjective though. The VITA has less games but I enjoy most of them.The 3DS has more games but I only enjoy a select few. Reminds me of my Wii-PS3 relationship. The only upcoming game on the 3DS I want is Sonic Lost World. On VITA I want killzone, tearaway, Dragon's Crown, GOD EATER 2, FreedomWars and who knows what they'll announce at gamescon:They said it'll be a PSVITA focused show ( of course PS4 too). I'm sure you have 3DS games your looking forward to but not for me. It's all opinions.
kB0  +   464d ago
"I bought the 3Ds because its the better system"

Makes you sound stupid.

There is no better system when it comes to gaming, just the one that appeals to the buyer.

Thats like saying the best drink is Pepsi....you know some prefer Coke...so yeah.
Einhert  +   464d ago
I begin to question how dumb you fanboys are, maybe it is just the modern education system?

now lets try to educate you.

"I bought the 3DS because its the better system"

Emphasis on the "I" clearly reflective of how that statement is actually an opinion.

But hey just you Sony fanboys keep trying to find ways to say opinions are wrong, please amuse me. You are all adorable.
kB0  +   464d ago
Well it makes you sound very uneducated and just flame bait.

Once again evidence is how you blame "Sony fanboys" which has nothing to do with the speech.

Your second statement reflects the bias you have, and just re-enforces the stupidity and truth within your comment...which means you Full of sh!t in your second comment where you say that it's clearly reflective of how it's an "opinion"

If your going to pretend that your giving an opinion at least lie properly.

Thank you.
PurpHerbison  +   464d ago
Oh lovely flamebait N4G.
TheDivine  +   464d ago
3ds all day every day. Vita has good hardware but no games. The only standout is Persona 4 which is a port. I can't name one other game that's as good as Fire Emblem, RE, Kid Icarus, SMT4, Kingdom Hearts DDD, Devil Survivor, Etrian Odyssey, MH Tri-g, Code of Princess, MK7 exc. the only upcoming games are KZ, Dragons Crown and FFX, one of which is a port. 3ds has a sequel to Zelda ALTTP, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey 5, MH4, Dragon Quest 7 remake, Bravely Default and a dozen others. There's no compitition at all and the fault is sony's. They need to make high quality game and a lot of them to sell systems. Once systems sell other devs will jump on. Sony's waiting for sales to make games for their own damn system!
kB0  +   464d ago
To be fair Vita has a lot of great games.

Disgaea 3, Metal Gear HD, NFS HP, Unit 13, Jak Collection, Assassin's creed, Ninja Gaiden Series, stealth bastatd, hotline miami, dragon fantsy, retro city rampage, thomas was alone, Choas rings (seriously better than FF13!), epic mickey (its meh, but still fun), gravity rush....lbp? mortal kombat? I mean there are a lot of fun games they just need to directly appeal to u.

It has it's share for games. And yes a lot of amazing ones are coming including a new assaisn's creed, batman, ys, teraway and valhalla knights

People need to play the system they like and stop whining.

These comparison articles need to stop. If some1 wants to play killone games, they will buy sony...they won't buy anything else:P Likewise for mario:D
wingman32x  +   464d ago
I prefer the 3DS simply because it has the types of games I want on a portable console. I've owned Nintendo handhelds for a long time, and I've been happy with all of them. This isn't a knock on Vita, this is me saying Nintendo offers what I prefer.

However, that won't stop me from eventually getting a Vita. Especially when I'm going to be owning a PS4. Plus, Tearaway looks great.

Like someone said above, so much of this debate is entirely subjective. Go with what feels right for you. Also, there's nothing wrong with owning both of them if you can afford it. Both offer almost completely different experiences, and can coexist very well. I've said it so many times, but this portable console war is absolutely pointless.
klecser  +   464d ago
I've had a 3DS for years but I've also seriously considered a Vita. Its so pretty. But, it doesn't have any of the games I want or would find enjoyable.

Sony markets well to only four sets of gamers: guns, fighting, racing, and sports (marginally). If you don't like any of those things, you're stuck with Little Big Planet, and that isn't enough to carry a system.

If Sony diversified its catalogues, I would buy its products. But they don't, so I won't.
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