PlayStation vs. 3DS / Games vs. Tech Specs

On this episode of #GVNDicussion Daniel Hodge, AdamUpNow, and Luis Alamilla discuss the current situation going on between the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is currently dominating the game library competition while the PlayStation Vita is killing the 3DS with its awesome tech specs.

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TongkatAli1852d ago

Vita = Specs and games

3DS = Games and games

At least the 3DS is more powerful then a PSP, thumbs up.

Colzer011852d ago

What games that stands-out on PSVita? Most of them are MH's clone, and the best JRPG in there are only P4G which a PS2 games, the rest are Japanese.

3DS got a much better exclusives such as KH3D, MH3U, MH4, SMT4, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblems, Project x Zone, and all Nintendo's 1st party

Protagonist1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )




Stop with the BS.

TheGrimReaper00111851d ago

Dont get me wrong, Vita has some games
In fact I only have a vita
But in terms of wich has more games, that def goes to the 3DS
I mean, we get 3 games for the vita this year
Rayman legends
Killzone mercenary
The thing is, vita has great games, but not enough to catch up with the 3DS
I just think its a bit sad, cause if I just look at all the handhelds Ive ever owned, PS Vita would be my personal favourite because of its large, beautifull screen (Yes people, beats 3D in my opinion), multi touch and the dual analog

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1852d ago

Games that only interest kids and kid like adults = 3DS
Specs = PSVita

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dcj05241852d ago

PSOne vs 3DS lets go! Lol. I prefer VITA games. Only 3DS games I like are sonic and atlus games.

mcstorm1852d ago

For me the 3ds is the better console at the moment because of the games. I got both on day one and it took a bit for the 3ds to get games but now they come thick and fast. As foe the psv I have just sold mine as the games I wanted were just not there. Lbp psv was not as fun as the ps3 gamea and way to short the same with ucga. Mnr again missing online which is what I was looking forward to the most. Resistance was short and mp was not the best and I won't even go into cod. Nfsmw was fun but its on consoles to.

There is no dout Sony created an amazing handheld but for me it is lacking in games a bit like the Wiiu at the moment.

I do hope Sony turn it around but for me ide pick the 3ds every time at the moment.

Kevlar0091852d ago

The kind of games you can get on Vita you can get on PS3 as well. Not to say there aren't creative gems on the Vita, but most people would rather play Uncharted, Killzone, or Call of Duty on a home console with a big TV. Doesn't help it has to compete with both the 3DS and tablets/smartphones. It's a good handheld, just no outstanding reason to buy one atm.

Protagonist1852d ago

Shows how much you know.

Uncharted PS Vita has sold 980.000
Call of Duty - 750.000
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - 700.000

Clearly gamers like to play those kind of games on a handheld too. In fact those kind of games are the best selling games for the PS Vita.

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