Objectification Through Polygons - The Status of Female Characters in Fighting Games

Ian Fisher writes: Over the years it has been clear how video games have evolved, both within a specific console generation and when a new one eventually arrives. Changes in how we play games with specific control or motion methods, advancements in technology, and now even the way that games are delivered to us via digital distribution are some of the key things have evolved the games industry for the better. Yet for the last twenty or so years one element has somehow stayed at the same place it’s been with either no major improvements or ones which are merely incremental; the depiction of female characters within fighting games.

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myrddincrow1704d ago

I agree wholeheartedly, I want to see more games like Bushido Blade and Tenchu. If I want porn i'll google some, when I play a video game I want to actually play the game.

Bimkoblerutso1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I'm pretty much with you there. To be perfectly honest, I've got no problem with it morally, but it ends up squelching creativity a lot of times. Women are pretty much They don't really account for any kind of context or interesting design 90% of the time. They're No one knows or cares why they're dressed like that...just sexy.

Not that I feel like it should be wiped from games altogether, but it's too often used as a crutch to supplement crummy design.

myrddincrow1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Indeed too much focus on boobs leads to less focus on more important aspects. I'm not saying female characters need to be wearing burkas, just don't focus so much on sex selling a game. It's like how blowing a movies budget on CG alone will not make it a good movie.

cleft51704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Certainly it would be nice that if a woman is featured in a game she actually serves a point. It's a major stretch to say that women or men are being objectified simply because they are shown in highly revealing clothing or having overly sexualized behavior. At the core of a lot of these games is just pure fantasy. There is nothing wrong with showing a very revealing or completely nude sexy woman or man.

Objectification comes into play when there is a message of some kind that says this is how all women or men need to be or look. For example, when Uncharted was first announce the developers made a big deal of saying how Nathan Drake was the "every man." That message does serve to create a situation of objectification because Nathan Drake is in no way the every man. It's like saying that Indiana Jones is the every man, it's just ridiculous.

Characters like Ivy are ridiculous, but they are intended to be ridiculous. There is nothing realistic about the majority of these characters and they are never presented as being realistic. Far too often we see this complaint of objectification in gaming, but the writers of these article often completely miss the point of what constitutes objectification.

j-blaze1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

hate these kind of articles!
love the character design in fighting game "Japanese games".. can't wait for next gen DoA, Soulcalibur Tekken...just imagine the graphics, physics and even more sexier female characters xD

Lord_Sloth1704d ago

There's plenty of females who dress modestly. King for example is 1 of my favorites and dressed quite nicely.

CrossingEden1704d ago

those are in the minority though

cyguration1704d ago

Most of the decently dressed female fighters are usually completely ignored.

So whose fault is it that gamers prefer a certain kind of character wearing certain kinds of clothes (or a lack of clothes)?

It's kind of like supply and demand and despite KOF being one of the few games with a lot of modestly dressed female fighters, they're no where near as popular as those that are offered up as fan-service... such as poison.

SugarSoSweet1704d ago

If it's got one or two sexually dressed women i dnt see an issue just as long if there's a modest dressed women too

ifritAlkhemyst1704d ago

Oh god, why does this crap continue to matter to people?

I'm beginning to wonder if I have some form of asperger syndrome because I'm finding myself increasingly alienated from any of the "problems" of today's society.

We're men. We like looking at T&A. And if comic-con is any indication, women don't give a crap either. Most of them play up the slutty angle of whoever they dressed as.

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